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Road Test Locations Near New Brighton

1. Snug Harbor Road Test Site

Location: Richmond Terrace and Snug Harbor Road Staten Island, NY 10301 

Direction: Take 440 North until you can merge onto 278 East, heading in the direction of the Verrazano Bridge. Use Exit 9 for Route 440 North Bayonne, and follow it to Exit 12, which leads to Forest Avenue. Turn right onto Forest Avenue, then make a left onto Jewett Avenue. Next, turn right onto Richmond Terrace. As you continue past Bard Avenue, you’ll come across Snug Harbor Road, where you’ll find signs directing you to the road test lineup. Please refrain from passing the last sign.

2. Lenevar Avenue Road Test Site

Location: Lenevar Avenue between Lamont Avenue and Edgegrove Avenue Staten Island, NY 10309 

Direction: Take the Staten Island Expressway and merge onto the West Shore Expressway (440 South). Once on the expressway, take Exit 3. At the Bloomingdale Road traffic light, make a left turn. Follow Bloomingdale Road until you reach Woodrow Road, where you’ll make a left turn. Drive to Lenevar Avenue and make a right turn. Continue past Ramona Avenue, and align yourself with the red parking signs on the right side, facing Edgegrove Avenue.


Why Consider Pierre Paul Driving School in New Brighton

1. Flexible Classes

Whether you’re a morning person or prefer evenings, we have time slots to suit your preferences.

2. Cost-friendly Classes

At our driving school, affordability is our commitment to helping you achieve your driving goals.

3. Pre-licensing Course

Completing our pre-licensing program will help you build a strong foundation for safe driving.

4. Road Test Preparedness 

We’ve built a reputation for producing skilled and competent drivers who pass with ease.


Least Known Spots in New Brighton to Bring out the Best Driver in You

New Brighton is known for its scenic beauty, parks, and tree-lined streets that provide picturesque views during your drives. Here are some of the place that you should consider:

New Brighton Driving School



1. Snug Harbor Cultural Center

The roads within the Snug Harbor are relatively calm and provide a good environment for practicing basic driving skills such as parking.

2. Richmond Terrace

This road runs along the waterfront and can be a good place to practice highway driving and handling various traffic conditions.

3. Bay Street

Bay Street runs through New Brighton and offers a mix of residential and commercial areas. You can practice city driving, parallel parking, and navigating through busy intersections.

4. Clove Lakes Park

Clove Lakes Park has several winding roads and can provide practice in handling curves and turns at different speeds. It also offers ample parking areas.

5. Victory Boulevard

This major thoroughfare in Staten Island offers a mix of traffic conditions, including traffic lights, intersections, and various speed limits. It’s a good place to practice urban driving.

atmosphere in the garden with friends and family during weekends.

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