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Other Services Related to Driving Lessons in Marble Hill

5 Hour Prelicensing Course

We offer a 5-hour course before a road test to acquaint you with all skills necessary to make you a confident and better driver.

Road Test Appointment

Booking a road test with us is straightforward. Get the earliest dates possible at the nearest road test site.

Get Personalized Driving Lessons

Instructors at Marble Hill driving school take time to understand each learner's traits and provide personalized training to get the best out of them.

Road Test Sites Near Marble Hill

1. Dugdale Road Test Site

To get to the Dugdale Road Test Site from Marble Hill in Manhattan, take the A train from Marble Hill-Washington Bridge to the 205th Street station. From there, take the M20 bus towards the Bronx and get off at the Dugdale Road stop. The test site is located at 3050 Dugdale Road. 

2. Astoria DMV Road Test Site

Take the Broadway subway train (A or C line) from Marble Hill to 125th Street. Transfer to the R train (R line) and take it to 59th Street – Columbus Circle. From there, take the M104 bus towards Astoria to the Road Test Site. The journey should take around 45 minutes to an hour.

3. Havemeyer Bronx Road Test Site

To get to the Havemeyer Road test site from Marble Hill, Manhattan, take the A train from Marble Hill-Washington Heights Station to the 145th Street Station. From there, take the M15 bus towards Inwood-207th Street. Get off at the Havemeyer Street stop. The test site is located at 2500 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11216. 

Why You Should Choose Pierre Paul Driving School?

Fully Equipped Facility

Pierre Paul Driving School makes learning fun and engaging with the latest learning materials and technology.

Flexible Lesson Schedule

Learners’ convenience is a principle we treasure at Pierre Paul. The ability to decide when to attend classes allows our trainees to prepare well beforehand and gives them a sense of control over their lessons.

Comprehensive Training

We boast experienced and diligent trainers who are always available to offer theory and one-on-one training to our learners.

About Driving in Marble Hill

Marble Hill is a unique neighborhood in Manhattan, although part is in the Bronx. This is because of an engineering solution to solve Manhattan’s waterways in the late 19th century.

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Picture by Matthew X. Kiernan

The neighborhood is safe and well-connected to major roads and highways. You can visit many spots during your leisure time with friends and family.

Some of the spots you’d like to visit include:

New York Botanical Garden

Nature lovers, we have a spot for you. The New York Botanical Garden is a fifteen-minute ride from Marble Hill, and here, you can explore over one million living plants and numerous botany-related books.

Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo is one of the largest in the country, spanning 265 acres of naturalistic habitats and parklands. It features over 800 animals and 22 exhibits while functioning as an animal conservation center.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Visit the largest museum in the Americas for unforgettable experiences – The Metropolitan Museum of Art. With over 2 million works in its collection, the museum aims to educate the American people through art.

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