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Learning to drive is not an easy feat, but a competent driving instructor will make it look like a piece of cake. An instructor will also provide you with updated information that you cannot get from your dad, uncle, friend, or anyone else who may want to teach you how to drive.

Once you think you have the best driving school in Brooklyn, you need to ask your instructor the most relevant questions so that you have a good idea of what learning to drive entails. This will help you to mentally prepare for what is ahead of you.

But what questions would you want to ask your driving instructor before the learning or the lessons begin? Here are the most on-point questions you should ask your driving instructor:

1. Is Your Driving School a New York DMV-Approved?

The most important question should be if the Department of Motor Vehicles qualifies the driving school to provide driving lessons to would-be drivers. If it is not, what is the point of asking more questions?

The DMV ensures that all driving schools are licensed, and every instructor can produce DMV accreditation on demand. In other words, there are bogus driving schools that do not meet the DMV standards, so be careful.

2. What Are Your Lesson Charges?

You need to know what this particular driving school packages for the whole course. Are their hidden charges that will come to the surface later on? Are there discounts if you purchase a certain number of lessons in bulk? Knowing the rates will help you to budget accordingly.

3. At Least How Many Driving School Lessons Do I Need To Pass?

You may be much interested in knowing just how many lessons you will need to be fit for the road test. The instructor can give you a rough figure of the number of lessons you should attend to get a passing grade.

This can help you plan your time or budget accordingly. It helps to have a general baseline of a project before hitting the road.

4. What Does The First Driving School Lesson Entail?

Your first driving school lesson will give you a peek preview of what to expect in the subsequent lessons, so you should be interested to know what it entails. Ask your instructor what it is all about. In most cases in New York, the first driving school lesson is mainly about introducing you to the vehicle, its essential parts, controls, and short-cuts on some of the New York roads you already know about.

5. Does The Car Have Dual Controls?

As you learn to drive on the road, you are prone to make mistakes, some of which could be costly if not corrected in time. Suppose you take a wrong turn in an intersection out of confusion during a training session?

A car with dual controls would enable your instructor to arrest the situation before it gets out of hand. A car with dual controls has a second brake and clutch pedal in the car’s passenger foot side where your instructor should sit.

He can then stop the car when necessary. Knowing that the car you are learning in has dual control will give you confidence and peace of mind, for you know your instructor has got your back in case you mess things.

The best time to ask about this is before you even register for the driving course.

6. Will I Be Getting The Driving Lessons In The Same Car?

It is best to have one car assigned to you because it may be challenging to get used to different cars during your learning period. Fortunately, good driving schools have many cars hence your instructor will most likely have a specific car he uses to train you.

7. Will I Be Trained By The Same Instructor For Each Lesson?

If you can get used to a particular car, you can no doubt also get used to an instructor. As social beings, we bond well with others the more we get to know them. That is why having to face a new instructor each day or for each lesson can be quite irritating because you feel like you are starting all over again.

Take time to know if you will be assigned a particular instructor. If not, and you are not comfortable with learning under different instructors, make the right decision.

8. Can My Driving Lessons Be Curtailed To Accommodate My Special Needs?

You may have some particular medical condition that limits your abilities to learn normally. You lack confidence or have an anxiety disorder, for instance. Raise these concerns with the instructor to know if the driving school caters to such special needs. Things wouldn’t be easy for you if the instructor cannot take your unique requirements into account during the driving lessons.

9. Can I Be Provided With A Mock Road Test?

Through a mock test, you can figure out exactly what to expect during the actual road test. Ask the instructor if you will be given a gloves-off kind of test where your skills are judged through an examiner’s eye. In this case, your instructor or another becomes the examiner. You are awarded points based on your abilities.

Such a mock road test will also allow your instructor to evaluate your real driving skills plus how prepared you are for the test. He can then highlight the grey areas you still have to polish to increase your chance of passing.

10. What’s Your Pass Rate?

The driving school may have experienced and qualified instructors, but are many learners actually passing the test? It’s one thing to be qualified instructors and another to teach properly. You should ask about the pass rate among students to gauge the instructors’ effectiveness and your own chances of passing.

An excellent instructor will proudly and accurately tell you about their pass rates.

Wrap Up

It would be best if you were wary of a driving school that is reluctant to answer all these questions. You are under no obligation to take driving lessons under an instructor who is economical with the truth about the school.

Remember to ask these questions before you register. The questions that may wait are about the driving test.

In Brooklyn, New York, Pierre Paul Driving School is ever eager to respond to all your concerns exhaustively. We go out of our way to furnish you with all the information that helps you make the right decision about your driving course.