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Recommended Services in Livingston Driving School, Staten Island

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Learn to be a safe and confident driver in our interactive and educational pre-licensing online course.

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Our experienced driving instructors will offer personalized driving instructions that meet your goals and skill level.

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Road Test Sites Near Livingston Driving School

1. Staten Island

Location:  Grandview Avenue between Forest and Netherlands Avenues Mariner’s Harbor, NY 10303

Directions: Navigate Staten Island Expressway I-278 and take the South Avenue Exit. Make a right turn onto South Avenue and continue to Forest Avenue. Turn right onto Forest Avenue, then drive one block to Grandview Avenue. Make a left turn onto Grandview Avenue, where the lineup is on the right side, facing Netherlands Avenue. Please note that the lineup begins behind Kohl’s Department Store and not in the parking lot.

2. Dugdale Auto and Motorcycle

Location — Dugdale Street between Riga Street and Mill Road Staten Island, NY 10306
Directions — From Verrazano Bridge take exit 14 toward Hylan Blvd, Merge onto Narrows Road North, Turn left onto Hylan Blvd, Continue onto Steuben Street, Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Hylan Blvd, Turn left onto Guyon Avenue, Turn right on to Mill Road. 0.2 miles turn right onto Dugdale Street. 

Why Enroll at Livingston Driving School?

Patient and Friendly Instructors

Our driving instructors make learning easy and fun, turning timid and scared students into the most confident drivers.

Well-maintained Cars

We provide cars to students for their road test so they can do the test with a car they are familiar with.

Affordable Driving Packages

Our driving packages are priced fairly to ensure each student chooses a driving package that suits them.

High Success Rate

97% of students who study with us pass road tests after their first attempt compared to other schools.

Navigating Livingston:9 Spots to Sharpen Your Behind-the-Wheel Skills

driving lessons Livingston


Below are spots in Livingstone, Staten Island, where new drivers can improve their driving skills and hit the road with ease. 

1. Silver Lake Park

Practice your parking and maneuvering skills in the spacious parking lots of this beautiful park.

2. Staten Island Mall

Navigate the parking lots to enhance your parking and traffic flow skills.

3. Willowbrook Park 

Explore the park’s winding roads and parking areas for various driving experiences.

4. Staten Island Expressway

Gain highway driving experience on the Staten Island Expressway while adhering to speed limits and lane changes.

5. Victory Boulevard

Practice city driving along Victory Boulevard, encountering various traffic scenarios.

6. Goethals Bridge

Cross the Goethals Bridge to experience bridge driving and merging onto different highways.

7. Richmond Avenue

Navigate the bustling Richmond Avenue to sharpen your urban driving skills.

8. Travis Avenue

 Improve your understanding of traffic signals and intersections on Travis Avenue.

9. Industry Road

 Explore Industry Road for industrial area driving experience and intersection management.

Ready to Hit the Road?

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