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Road Test Sites Near Laurelton Driving School

1. DMV Road Test Site at Laurelton

Location: Francis Lewis Blvd. and 222nd Street, Laurelton, NY 11413

Directions: Take the Cross Island Parkway and exit at Linden Blvd. Make a right turn onto Linden Blvd, then proceed to Francis Lewis Blvd. Make a left onto Francis Lewis Blvd and continue for approximately five blocks. You will find the park on the right side, and please park facing 222nd Street.

2. DMV Road Test Site at Springfield Gardens

LocationOn Springfield Blvd between 139th Ave and Eastgate Plaza. Queens, NY 11413

Directions: Please form a line while facing 139th Avenue.

Why Choose Pierre Paul Driving School in Laurelton?

Friendly instructors – Our driving instructors in Laurelton are very friendly and patient with timid students who are trained to become the most safe and confident drivers.

High success rate – Ninety-seven out of a hundred percent of students who join Pierre Paul Driving School pass their road test and get their driver’s license on the first attempt.

We offer a 5-hour driving course – At Pierre Paul Driving School, we offer a five-hour online pre-licensing course with no tedious exams or tests.

Laurelton’s Best Practice Spots for New Drivers

Laurelton is a beautiful city on its own. So, taking your driving lessons in Laurelton will give you an opportunity to explore different attraction sites. Here are some of the exciting spots to explore:


Merrick Boulevard

Begin your journey in Laurelton by navigating Merrick Boulevard, a major thoroughfare that offers a mix of driving challenges. Practice lane discipline, handling multiple lanes, and making turns at various intersections. This bustling street will help you gain confidence in urban driving scenarios.

Brookville Park

Explore the spacious parking lots within Brookville Park to hone your parking and maneuvering skills. You can perfect parallel parking, three-point turns, and other essential techniques in a quiet and controlled environment.

Springfield Boulevard

Springfield Boulevard provides opportunities to practice handling moderate traffic, making turns, and obeying traffic signals. This road’s diverse conditions will help you improve your decision-making and adaptability while driving.

Laurelton LIRR Station

The Laurelton Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) station offers a convenient location to practice navigating parking lots and handling busy drop-off and pick-up situations. This will help you become more comfortable with parking in crowded areas and managing vehicle congestion.

Linden Boulevard

Laurelton driving school


Linden Boulevard is another major road in Laurelton where you can refine your driving skills. Focus on maintaining a consistent speed, merging onto the road safely, and navigating various intersections. This experience will enhance your confidence in handling diverse traffic situations.

Idlewild Park Preserve

The expansive parking areas within Idlewild Park Preserve provide ample space for practicing parking, turns, and maneuvering. You can also explore the park’s internal roads, which offer a peaceful environment to work on your driving techniques.

Guy R. Brewer Boulevard

Guy R. Brewer Boulevard offers an opportunity to practice city driving skills, including managing heavy traffic, making turns at busy intersections, and staying attentive to pedestrians and cyclists. Use this road to enhance your awareness and adaptability as a new driver.

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