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Road Test Sites Near Kew Gardens

1. Cunningham Park Road Test Site 

Location — Hollis Hills Terrace between 73rd Avenue and Union Turnpike facing 73rd Avenue Cunningham Park, NY 11366

Directions — Long Island Expressway to Francis Lewis Blvd exit, make a right. At 73rd Avenue make a left turn. Second light make a right (Hollis Hills Terrace). Site is on the right.

2. Jamaica Road Test Site

Location — On 115th Avenue between Van Wyck Blvd. And 140th Street. – facing 140th Street. At corner. Jamaica, NY 11420

Directions — Van Wyck Expressway South, exit at Linden Blvd. At light make a left. Continue straight to 140th Street, make a right, go to end of block. Line up along side the park on 115 Avenue facing 140th Street.

Why Kew Gardens Driving School?

Vast experience – Pierre Paul Driving School has been in the industry for over 15 years, whereby we have trained and produced safe and confident drivers.

Highly qualified instructors – Our driving instructors in Kew Gardens are highly experienced in instilling the required knowledge in students who will become safe drivers.

We offer multilingual lessons – Our driving lessons are offered in different languages like English, French, and Spanish to accommodate different types of students.

We provide road test vehicles – We offer state-of-the-art vehicles to students for their road test. The vehicles are well-maintained to ensure the students are comfortable.

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Kew Gardens driving school

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Kew Gardens Union Turnpike

Start your driving journey in Kew Gardens by navigating the bustling Union Turnpike. This major road offers a mix of lanes, traffic signals, and various road conditions that will help you build confidence and sharpen your driving skills. You’ll encounter situations like merging, lane changes, and handling moderate traffic, which are crucial for becoming a proficient driver. Pay close attention to pedestrian crossings and intersections as you traverse this dynamic stretch.

Forest Park Drive

The scenic Forest Park Drive is an excellent location to practice your driving skills in a serene environment. The road winds through the beautiful Forest Park, offering a mix of curves and straightaways. It’s a great spot to work on your steering control, cornering, and handling bends in the road. With its limited traffic and peaceful surroundings, you can focus on improving your overall driving experience.

Kew Gardens Parking Garages

Kew Gardens has several parking garages where you can practice parking, both parallel and perpendicular. These controlled environments allow you to refine your parking and maneuvering techniques without the pressure of oncoming traffic. Experiment with parking in tight spots and perfect your skills in a low-stress setting.

Austin Street

Austin Street in Kew Gardens is a bustling commercial area that provides an excellent opportunity to enhance your city driving abilities. Maneuver through the street’s various lanes, handle stop-and-go traffic, and practice navigating intersections with pedestrians and cyclists. You’ll develop essential skills in patience and decision-making while navigating this vibrant shopping district.

Queens Boulevard

Queens Boulevard is a major thoroughfare that runs through Kew Gardens and offers diverse driving challenges. It’s an excellent place to practice lane discipline, merging onto a busy road, and managing multiple lanes of traffic. Use this opportunity to hone your defensive driving skills and learn how to handle complex urban driving scenarios.

Metropolitan Avenue

Metropolitan Avenue provides a mix of residential and commercial areas, making it an ideal place to practice a wide range of driving maneuvers. Here, you can work on parallel parking, making left and right turns at various intersections, and adjusting your speed to different road conditions. It’s a versatile environment for refining your driving skills.

Van Wyck Expressway

As you gain confidence and experience, consider driving on the Van Wyck Expressway. This major highway passes through Kew Gardens and will give you exposure to highway driving at higher speeds. Practice merging onto and exiting the highway safely, maintaining a consistent speed, and keeping a safe following distance. Mastering highway driving is an essential skill that will serve you well in your driving journey.

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