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Road Test Sites Near Jamaica

1. Jamaica Road Test Site

Location — On 115th Avenue between Van Wyck Blvd. And 140th Street. – facing 140th Street. At corner. Jamaica, NY 11420

Directions — Van Wyck Expressway South, exit at Linden Blvd. At light make a left. Continue straight to 140th Street, make a right, go to end of block. Line up along side the park on 115 Avenue facing 140th Street.

2. Road Test Site at Springfield Gardens

Location — On Springfield Blvd between 139th Ave and Eastgate Plaza. Queens, NY 11413

Directions — Line up facing 139th Ave

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Expert Instructors

Our team of expert instructors is qualified and highly skilled to make you a top driver. They aim to offer you a comfortable and balanced training experience to get the best out of you.

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Our up-to-date curriculum covers every driving detail for comprehensive training and preparation to face modern-day road challenges.

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Flexible lessons allow the learner to take control of their classes. Arrange with our instructors, ready to teach you at your specified time.

We Have Lessons in Different Languages

We provide driving lessons in English, French, Spanish, and Creole.

About Driving in Jamaica

Jamaica, Queens, offers several excellent places for new drivers to explore and enhance their driving skills. Here are seven fantastic locations in Jamaica for this purpose:

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Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Parking Lot

 Located in the southern part of Queens, the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge offers a vast parking lot where you can practice your parking and maneuvering skills. With plenty of space and minimal traffic, it’s an ideal spot for new drivers to build confidence in their ability to park, reverse, and navigate tight spaces. The serene natural surroundings also provide a calm atmosphere, making it an excellent place to focus on your driving skills without distractions.

Roy Wilkins Park 

This expansive park in Jamaica, Queens, features wide, well-maintained roads that are perfect for practicing your driving skills. The park’s road network includes curves, intersections, and straightaways, allowing you to work on various aspects of your driving, such as lane changes, turns, and braking. Plus, you’ll have the chance to drive at different speeds, helping you become more comfortable with diverse road conditions.

Jamaica Avenue

 Jamaica Avenue is a bustling commercial street that offers a diverse range of driving challenges. Here, you can practice city driving skills, including dealing with traffic congestion, navigating busy intersections, and managing pedestrian crossings. It’s an excellent place to enhance your awareness and decision-making skills while behind the wheel.

Sutphin Boulevard

 Sutphin Boulevard is another major thoroughfare in Jamaica, Queens, where you can practice your driving skills. With multiple lanes, traffic lights, and a mix of residential and commercial areas, you can gain experience in handling different types of road situations. Focus on mastering lane discipline, traffic signal navigation, and merging safely in this dynamic environment.

Rufus King Park

Rufus King Park offers a spacious parking area where you can refine your parking and maneuvering techniques. This quiet and well-maintained park provides an excellent setting for perfecting parallel parking, three-point turns, and other essential parking skills. You can also explore the park’s surrounding streets to practice your driving in a more relaxed urban environment.

York College Campus

 The York College campus in Jamaica, Queens, provides a secure and controlled environment for new drivers to hone their skills. Its wide, empty parking lots are perfect for practicing basic maneuvers like U-turns and emergency stops. Additionally, you can familiarize yourself with navigating the campus’s internal roads, which can help build your confidence before tackling busier streets.

South Conduit Avenue

 South Conduit Avenue offers a mix of residential and commercial areas, making it an ideal place to practice your highway driving skills. You can work on merging onto the highway, maintaining a steady speed, and safely changing lanes. This road also provides an opportunity to practice your long-distance driving abilities while staying within the borough.

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