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Road Test Sites Near Jackson Heights

1. Ozone Park Auto

Location — On 84th St between 106th Ave and 108th Ave Ozone Park, NY 11417

Directions — Line up facing 108th Ave.

2. Fresh Meadows Road Test Site

Location — On 58th Avenue – between Underhill Avenue and 192nd Street – facing 192nd Street Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

Directions — Long Island Expressway to Francis Lewis Blvd exit. Make a left turn on Francis Lewis. Go to 58th Avenue and make a left. Go to Underhill Avenue. Park on 58th Avenue facing 192nd Street.

Why Pierre Paul Driving School in Jackson Heights?

1. Experienced and Friendly Instructors

The driving instructors at Pierre Paul Driving School are qualified, experienced, friendly, and patient.

2. Focus on Building Confidence

Pierre Paul Driving School helps you become a safe, confident, and collision-free driver.

3. High Pass Rates

Pierre Paul Driving School has an impressive pass rate of 97 out of 100 students.

Drive Your Way to Greatness with These Stunning Places in Jackson Heights

Northern Boulevard

Northern Boulevard is a bustling thoroughfare in Jackson Heights, offering new drivers opportunities to navigate through various traffic scenarios. It includes a mix of intersections, traffic signals, and diverse road conditions, making it an excellent place to practice turns, lane changes, and merging onto highways like the Grand Central Parkway or Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Queens Boulevard

Known as the “Boulevard of Death,” Queens Boulevard provides a unique training ground for new drivers to practice defensive driving skills. This wide avenue features multiple lanes, pedestrian crossings, and various traffic conditions. Here, drivers can learn to stay vigilant, obey traffic rules, and anticipate the actions of other road users while navigating a busy urban thoroughfare.

Local Supermarkets and Parking Lots

Local supermarkets in Jackson Heights often have spacious, less crowded parking lots during weekdays. These areas are ideal for new drivers to gain experience in parking, basic maneuvers, and vehicle control without the challenges of heavy traffic. The empty lots provide a comfortable environment for honing these fundamental skills.

Travers Park

Jackson Heights driving school


Travers Park, a community park in Jackson Heights, boasts a parking area and relatively quiet surrounding roads. Here, new drivers can focus on practicing driving at slower speeds, making turns, and mastering parking techniques. The park’s serene setting offers a low-pressure environment that encourages confidence-building.

Roosevelt Avenue

Roosevelt Avenue, a bustling commercial street in Jackson Heights, presents new drivers with the opportunity to learn urban driving skills. This lively avenue is characterized by its mix of lanes for buses, pedestrians, and vehicles. Drivers can gain valuable experience navigating around pedestrians, mastering parallel parking, and managing heavy traffic flow in this vibrant urban environment.

Lefrak City Complex

Lefrak City, a substantial residential complex in Jackson Heights, features wide roads and ample parking areas. This setting is perfect for new drivers to practice driving techniques, parking maneuvers, and turns within a controlled and relatively quiet community environment. It provides a secure space to develop essential skills.

Major Expressways Access Points

Jackson Heights offers access points to major expressways like the Grand Central Parkway and Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. These access points provide new drivers with the opportunity to learn highway driving, merging onto and exiting from these expressways, and safely navigating interchanges, all of which are valuable skills for becoming a well-rounded driver.

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