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I would not panic if I hit a deer with my car. Instead, I’d relocate my car to a safe location and check for damage. After that, I’d report the event to the insurance provider and the police.

The high season for deer mating is from late fall through early winter. Driving in densely wooded areas can be risky at any time, but it is extremely risky at night. 

So if I hit a deer with my car, what can I do to save its life? Keep reading for more!

What Do I Do If I Hit a Deer with My Car? 

1. Try to Park off the Road 

Do everything necessary to have your car parked to the side if it is no longer driveable due to the collision before another car approaches. 

If necessary, that can entail getting in touch with an auto club or a towing company to transport your car. If you can drive after hitting a deer, turn on your emergency flashers, get out of danger, and park your car in a secure spot on the shoulder.

You want to rule out any chance of hitting another fast-moving car because this can be much more dangerous for you and your passengers.

2. Avoid the Deer

Stay away from the animal. Deers are big, unpredictable animals that can hurt people with their sharp hooves. If the animal is not dead, it could be scared and wounded.

3. Call the Authorities

It cannot be emphasized how important this is after hitting a deer. Whether there are any injuries or if it is a one-car accident, call 911 right away. 

Keep calm and describe the issues. The 911 operators will notify the authorities because they are trained to do so.

4. Check your Car and Document the Event

Take pictures of your surroundings, the damage to your car, and any injury you or your passengers may have incurred if it’s safe to do so. If witnesses come forward, you might wish to write down their contact details in case your insurance company asks for it.

Check to see if the car is secure enough to operate. Call a towing company if not.

6. Call an Insurance Agent

After you strike a deer, the insurance agent will need documentation as soon as possible. That necessitates getting both your documents and the official law enforcement record. Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible if your car is damaged or someone is hurt so your agent can handle the claim.

An accident involving an animal necessitates comprehensive insurance. The sooner you file the claim, the faster you’ll be able to get repairs covered and put this horrible experience behind you.

How Do I Avoid Hitting a Deer with My Car?

 I Hit a Deer with My Car

You may take certain precautions to prevent hitting a deer that may cross the road with your vehicle. 

Here are some adjustments you can make to your typical driving practices.

i) Wild animals respond irrationally to danger by either fighting or fleeing.

ii) Animals may suddenly run or jump into the road.

iii) Animals that roam in groups, like deer or bears, may cross roads if one does.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hitting a deer and driving away illegal?

Familiarize yourself with your local legislation. Leaving the spot after hitting a deer may not be a crime in some areas, but it might be in others. If you’re unsure what to do, contact your local authorities to be safe.

What will I do if I hit a deer and it flees away?

If you knock on a deer and it flees, documents any blood or hair before checking your car for damage. Contact the police if there is damage. You can drive your car if it is still intact.

Is it necessary to report a deer hit?

 I Hit a Deer with My Car

It’s not necessary to report crashes involving other animals, including badgers, cats, deer, foxes, pheasants, and rabbits, as road traffic collisions.

If you hit a deer with your vehicle, can you keep it?

If you hit a deer with your automobile, killed it, or otherwise cause harm to it and then put it down legally, you have much freedom to retain the animal, but there are certain restrictions. For instance, you cannot keep your car if you hit a deer on purpose.

What are the chances of a car accident with a deer?

Driving into an animal in New York has a 1 in 133 probability of happening. According to State Farm research on animal-vehicle collisions, almost 70,000 accidents happen each year, many of which go unreported.

What is the number of deer hit by vehicles in New York?

In New York State, where there are 900,000 deer on the ground, 60,000 to 70,000 vehicle-deer collisions are reported annually.

Is it preferable to hit a deer slow or fast?

Your car will sustain less damage, and there will be less chance of injuries if you keep your speed low. Furthermore, you can avoid running over the deer completely if you can slow down.

Do I need to honk at deer?

Short bursts of honking are appropriate for moose or deer. No certainty doing this will cause the deer to flee. Only do it if the deer is at a far distance ahead and no nearby vehicles that could be startled by the honking are present.

Final Word

so what do I do if what do if I hit a deer with my car?

Do not swerve if it appears you cannot avoid a collision, whether it is a deer or another animal crossing the road. 

According to studies, accidents are more serious when vehicles swerve to evade an animal. Swerving could result in losing control of your car, leading to a rollover or collision with an object or another car.

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