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5 Hour Driving Course

We offer a comprehensive 5-hour class designed to provide new drivers with essential knowledge and skills

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Say goodbye to the stress of securing a road test slot. We take care of all the scheduling, ensuring you have a date that suits your availability.

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Whether you're a beginner or seeking to enhance specific driving skills, our personalized classes are designed to meet your objectives.

Road Test Locations Near Huguenot

1. Father Capodanno

Location: Northside at Lincoln Avenue Staten Island, NY 10306

Direction: Use the Verrazano Bridge (preferably the lower level). After crossing, take the exit for Lily Pond Avenue South. Continue along Lily Pond Avenue as it transitions into Father Capodanno Blvd. Keep driving on Father Capodanno until you reach its end, make a U-turn, and proceed north. Once you’ve completed the U-turn, you’ll spot prominent red signs on the right side, guiding you to line up starting at Lincoln Avenue.

2. Lenevar Avenue

Location: Lenevar Avenue between Lamont Avenue and Edgegrove Avenue Staten Island, NY 10309

Direction: Follow the Staten Island Expressway until you reach the West Shore Expressway (440 South). Take Exit 3 and, at the traffic light (Bloomingdale Road), turn left. Proceed to Woodrow Road and make another left. Continue to Lenevar Avenue, where you’ll make a right turn. Drive past Ramona Avenue, and you’ll find the designated lineup area on your right side, marked by the red parking signs, facing Edgegrove Avenue.

Why Choose Pierre Paul Driving School in East Harlem?

Comprehensive Lessons

Experience detailed driving lessons to ensure you are well acquainted with the knowledge and skills of road safety. It helps eliminate errors that could lead to loss of life or property.

DMV-Certified Instructors

Learn to drive from our highly skilled state-licensed instructors. They develop a plan that suits each learner’s needs and ensures they become safe, competent drivers.

Flexible Lessons

Our flexible lessons allow learners to plan accordingly and prevent schedules from colluding. You can arrange with our instructors to find a suitable time within your program.

We Offer Lessons in Different Languages

We provide driving lessons in English, French, Creole, and Spanish.


5 Stunning Spots in Huguenot to Practice Driving

While Huguenot is relatively a small neighborhood it offers some picturesque and enjoyable driving routes. Here are some of  the scenic places to drive along in Huguenot:

1. Hylan Boulevard

Hylan Boulevard is a major road on Staten Island, and it’s a great place to practice driving at higher speeds, lane changes, and dealing with heavier traffic.

driving lessons in Huguenot


2. Bloomingdale Park

Some areas of the park have roundabouts and rotaries, which are valuable for practicing proper lane changes and navigating circular intersections.

3. Lemon Creek Park

Lemon Creek Park often has pedestrians and cyclists, which can provide new drivers with valuable experience in sharing the road safely with these road users.

4. Woodrow Road

Woodrow Road offers a mix of road types, including residential areas, commercial areas, and sections with light to moderate traffic. This diversity allows new drivers to gain experience with different driving scenarios.

5. Arden Avenue

Arden Avenue runs through Huguenot and provides a good mix of residential and commercial areas. You can practice navigating through intersections, dealing with traffic lights, and merging onto other roads.

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