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Car accidents could happen anywhere, any time, and to even the most cautious drivers. When struck by accident, one may be caught off guard or might foresee it and have time to react. If this happens, you’ve moved from accident prevention to accident survival. 

Even the least thing you do in a few seconds will impact the collision severity and save your life. Here are some types of car crashes and some tips on how to survive a car crash. 

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5 Ways on How to Survive Any Car Crash

1. An Avalanche

The most dangerous aspect of an avalanche that happens while you are driving isn’t the cold or the snow; it’s the carbon monoxide that can enter your vehicle through a blocked tailpipe and suffocate you.

Here are the steps to take:

2. A Hurricane

how to survive a crash

This situation is also challenging. A hurricane will require you to remain in your vehicle for safety; nonetheless, you shouldn’t stay in traffic near other cars.

Here are the actions to take:

3. A Vehicle with a Downed Electricity Wire

During a severe storm, downed power lines frequently occur. Don’t panic, and ask for assistance. You will be safe if you stay in the car because the rubber on the tires acts as insulation.

Steps to take to survive the car crash:

4. Getting Locked Inside the Trunk 

Yes, you read that right. It can happen. This can occur when a carjacker locks you in. 

Steps to take:

5. A Tornado 

The worst place you can find yourself during a tornado is in a car. Get outside and take off as quickly as you can in search of a covered structure or shelter. However, there could be nothing nearby.

Steps to take:

Should You Stay Calm After a Crash?

According to research, persons who are prepared for the impact and are alert to an imminent collision sustain fewer injuries and have better outcomes. You should, therefore, always prepare for impact.

Can You Withstand a Crash At 70 Mph?

Theoretically, yes, although it relies much on the impact’s nature and the vehicle’s safety measures.

Why do Drunk Victims Survive Crashes?

It’s not unusual to find a drunkard curled up and uninjured. By failing to brace for impact, the drunk people’s bodies can cause less resistance in a collision and are also better likely to absorb energy produced by the hit.

Why do Vehicles Explode after Collisions?

how to survive a car crash

Leaks from faulty gasoline tanks are the most frequent causes of car fires. A single spark or even a minor leak can easily start a blazing fire. Fuel lines that are improperly installed or have flaws could burst during an accident.

Why are You Unable to Exit a Car Underwater?

The door will initially be under around 600 pounds per square inch of pressure from the water on the outside, making it impossible for you to unlock the door from the inside. Around the time you begin holding your breath, the pressure outside and inside the vehicle should equalize.

How Much Time Does an Automobile Take to Sink?

Depending on the car, sinking takes between two and three minutes. Consider purchasing glass-crushing equipment. Glass can be broken with the help of a center punch or small hammer that you can carry in your car.

Who has the Best Chance of Surviving a Vehicle Accident?

Based on a new study, an SUV driver is up to 10 times more likely to survive a head-on crash than a passenger car, regardless of whether the passenger vehicle has a higher safety rating for crashes.

Wrapping Up!

Nobody ever wants to get into the terrifying situation of being stuck in a car that has crashed into a water body or other accidents. Sadly, currently, boating accidents result in fewer drowning deaths than car accidents.

Hopefully, the ways mentioned above on how to survive a car crash will help you stay safe in case of any crash.

Stay safe folks!