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Everyone wants to save on auto insurance, but finding the right provider is only half the battle. Want to learn how to save money on auto insurance? Stay with me.

Most insurance companies will check your road records to determine the rates they will give you. If you have fewer or no crimes, chances are you will get lower rates.

Additionally, drivers who have taken an approved driving course have an added advantage; some companies will give discounts upon completing the course.

Insurance and Safety

When driving, safety is the first thing you should observe; always do your part in avoiding situations that lead to accidents. 

Insurance companies have good discounts for accident-free drivers, and you can be part of these offers.

One of the ways of keeping safe is by avoiding distractions on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration distracted driving causes over 3100 fatalities every year.

Using the phone tops the list of distractions. Most people have admitted to texting or reading emails while driving.

There are several distracted drivers on the road, and taking defensive driving classes will help you immensely. 

Additionally, enrolling teenagers in the teens driving program will help them emerge as good drivers.

Some Factors that Determine your Insurance Cost


Young drivers pay a higher cost on their insurance than middle-aged drivers. Teen drivers are likely to get distracted easily and have less experience on the road.

The cost for people above 70 years is relatively expensive compared to middle-aged drivers; the aged are believed to have an inadequate response to emergencies on the road.


Your location and where you park your car determine the cost of your premiums. If you live in urban areas that are exposed to cases of vandalism and theft, your cost will be higher.

Credit Score

Some companies will take a step further by investigating your credit score details.

A good credit score will earn you a good reputation with the insurance company. You will get your premium at a lower cost. 

Drivers with bad credit scores have more claims and demand higher payouts than drivers with excellent credit scores.

Driving Experience

Your driving record plays an important role in determining the rates for your auto insurance.

As an experienced driver, you are likely to avoid mistakes and violations on the road, and you will be less risky to the insurance company.

Your insurance coverage will likely go higher if you have more traffic violation tickets.

How Do You Avoid Traffic Tickets?

Stay Alert

Ensure that you note every speed limit in the route you are about to follow. Keep in mind the time you are supposed to stop on the stop signs. 

Don’t hurry; a minute on the yellow light would save you a good amount of cash. Always check the situation ahead to avoid accidents and harming of passengers.

Commit Yourself

You will rarely get traffic tickets by following all traffic rules and keeping away from dangerous situations. You need a defensive driving course to help you keep the defensive mindset.

Enough Time

Add a few minutes to your schedule if you have to stop at the yellow lights; this way, you don’t have to get into dangerous situations because you are late.

Being in a hurry may land you in court rather than continuing with your business.

8 Least Known Secrets on Saving the Cost of Your Autosave Insurance

1. Increase the Deductibles

Once you settle on car insurance, settle on a higher deductible for theft, vandalism, or accident.

Here’s the point: higher deductibles will earn you a lower annual premium; it is wise to ask your insurance provider how the deductibles affect the annual premium.

Your premiums will be better and save you a few coins.

Consider raising your deductibles if you are not ready to file small claims to avoid raising your annual premiums.

2. Rule Out Unnecessary Coverage

As you go through the insurance policy, please read it carefully, check the things you don’t require, and ask your provider to remove them.

Some like car rental coverage and roadside assistance are not a must in the policy; this way, you may reduce your costs.

3. Get Discounts

Check out for an insurance provider that provides discounts. Some companies have good discounts if you install anti-theft devices.

Once you settle on installing an anti-theft device for lowering your premium cost, make sure the installation cost doesn’t take up all you were to save on the premiums.

The insurance provider should tell you which specific device will work in reducing your premiums.

4. Settle on One Insurer

Most companies will discount you when you have more insurance types with them. You can join with your household and settle on a particular company. 

Most insurance providers have offers for their long-time clients too.

However, if it still makes sense and saves cost to shop around and invest in different companies, you can consider different companies.

5. Pay- As- You -Go Insurance

If you have low mileage, switching to pay-as-you-go insurance is advisable. Allow your insurer to track your driving by installing a telemetric device. 

The device will help you earn discounts depending on how well you drive or the miles you cover. If you cover less than 10,000 miles per year, you will have good savings.

6. Review the Coverage

Someone may wonder why you need to drop some coverage, right? 

Here’s the thing, you might be driving an old car that’s almost getting worn out you can consider dropping the collision coverage.

The reason is: if the collision coverage is $600 and the value of your car is $1000, the coverage may not make sense.

7. Consider Smaller Vehicles

Driving big and expensive vehicles sounds good. However, insuring the big car will need an extra cost compared to a small and efficient car.

To avoid settling on insurance covers beyond you, research extensively on the insurance cost of the car you intend to purchase.

8. Take a Defensive Driving Course

Some insurance companies will provide discounts to people who have taken the defensive driving course. Some offer a discount of up to 10%.

It’s a good way of saving on insurance; people with defensive driving knowledge rarely cause accidents.

The best part is that you can start learning the fundamentals of the defensive driving course by taking the online 5-hour class.

Before signing the contract with your insurer, ask them how much you will save upon completing the course.

Final Word

All insurance companies have their policies. Read every line of the policies, terms, and conditions before signing. A company with a discount for members will help in saving more on insurance. 

Always talk to your agent to learn more about insurance covers. Defensive driving enables you to avoid accidents and keep you and your passengers safe. Consider taking a defensive driving class at Pierre Paul driving school.