How to Receive Your Road Test Results Online

September 29, 2021

After attending a driving school, the next thing eating your mind should be how to get a driver’s license. This is where the Department of Motor Vehicles kicks in. We have explained how to get a driver’s license in New York. But there is a new twist to the whole thing, as we are going to find out shortly.

We now live at a point in time when instant gratification is the order of the day. We purchase an item and want it delivered now or as soon as possible. For a good reason, the fast foods industry and the home-delivery traders are overtaking the traditional marketplace business mindset.

Technology has narrowed the logistics that prolonged the delivery process, so you can now get many products and services at the click of a button. You do not have to leave your house.

Did you know that you can now receive your road test results the same day you take the test? Yes, it is now possible, at least with the NYDMV. Apart from the easy scheduling of a road test in NY, you can now also receive the road test results as easily and quickly.

Before this, would-be licensed drivers could schedule the driving tests online but not when it came to receiving the results. For the results, they had to contact the examiner. You can now take the test and go back home to wait for the results at the comfort of your couch.

So How Do You Receive Your Road Test Results Online After You The Test In The State Of New York?

It is easy. You only need a computer or a smartphone and the internet. You should log in to the New York State DMV Road Test Results Website. You will be directed to provide the relevant personal details

How Long Will Your Road Test Results Take To Appear On The NYDMV Portal Or Website Page?

Your test results will be posted to the website after 6 PM on the very day of your test. You do not have to wait for days on end, anxiously. By getting the results so soon, you can decide what course of action to take depending on its status.

How to Pass your New York Road Test

The fact that you are interested in how to receive your road test results online in New York means you are soon taking the test. Therefore, you need to learn how to increase your chances of passing the test. Once you have learned how to drive, you should take the time to learn some of the tricks you need to master to pass the road test.

We have already covered some tips for passing your road in New York, but we want to highlight some and add new ones that we have noted during the road tests in recent times.

This is how to pass your NY road test:

1 Don’t Drive Too Slowly

You are more likely to make costly mistakes when you over-speed than when driving slowly, but this does not mean you should drive very slowly to avoid making mistakes. If anything, driving slowly can be as dangerous as speeding.

Some well-meaning to-be drivers would drive slowly during the road test to minimize the number of mistakes. While we do not encourage speeding during or after the road test, we urge you not to drive at a snail-pace when taking your road test.

Why? You can be penalized for driving too slowly, causing you to lose points. This is because driving slowly in a busy city such as New York can impede traffic flow if you do it for long.

It would be best if you tried to maintain the speed limit.

2 Focus On the Road Ahead

You have been taught over and over that you should mind your blind-spots when making a turn. Some would-be drivers get so busy watching their blind-spots through the rear mirrors or by turning their heads that they forget the road ahead.

You will be watching your blind-spots to impress the road test examiner and gain more points but do not forget where you are going.

3 Start Breaking As You Head To a Stop

Do not wait until you get to the exact spot you are told to stop before braking. You should gradually start to apply the brakes as you head to the stopping point. This will ensure you brake smoothly without jerking. You are likely to irritate your examiner if your braking involves jerking back and forth. The irritation might reflect on your final results.

Apart from these, there are other mistakes you should try to avoid when taking your road test.

Does The Driving Test Take The Whole Day?

No, the driving test typically takes 20-30 minutes. So do not come to the site expecting to be held the whole day. Knowing it only for a short time can help reduce your anxiety. However, make good use of every 20-30 minutes because every wrong move you make will affect your chances of getting a driving license.

Additionally, arrive about 15 minutes earlier on the road test day. This will give you the time to calm your nerves before the actual test. It also shows your examiner that you care about time and that you are prepared for the test.

When you arrive late, you create the impression that you didn’t prepare well the day before and made last-minute dashes to get some of the documents you are expected to have on the road test day.

What Should You Carry With You On The Day Of The Road Test?

You must come with the proof of your pre-licensing course. You may come with a car, though it is mostly unnecessary because many driving schools provide the cars for the road tests.

Wrapping it Up

That is how to receive your road test results in New York. As you have seen, it is as easy as ABC.

At Pierre Paul Driving School, we have experienced instructors to prepare you for the driving test. We can also schedule your driving test and provide a car for the same. Contact us today at 718-576-6277 or for more information.