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Among the important things, you’ll study in a driving class is how to pull over safely. Though it may appear to be simple, it only needs much focus. 

Even if you don’t like to pull over, you’ll be surprised to learn that you’ll have to pull over countless times during your driving test.

However, practice makes perfect. So, if you want to know how to pull over safely like an expert, you’ve come to the perfect spot!

Let’s get started!

Pulling Over to the Right

1. Locate an Appropriate Area for Pulling Up

When it’s safe, the examiner will advise you to pull up to the right. As a result, it will be totally up to you to decide where to park. 

Ensure you don’t panic and take the first empty place you come across. Instead, follow the same rules while pulling up on the left. 

You also need to find a spacious area with lots of room to park your vehicle close to the curb.


2. MSM and Proper Placement

Once you’ve decided on a location, you need to employ the MSM (Mirrors, Signal, and Move) process to move to the right securely.

3. Pull Up to the Right

how to pull over to the right

As a general guideline, leave around eight-vehicle lengths between where you’ve stopped to give way to oncoming traffic and where you plan to pull up. This will give you plenty of space to maneuver and straighten your car.

4. Reverse and Exit

After you’ve come to a complete stop, the inspector will instruct you to reverse the car back for roughly two vehicle lengths. If you followed our advice and stopped parallel to the curb, this should be a breeze.

Pulling Over to the Left

Here are several steps you have to follow while pulling over to the left: 

how to pull over to the left

Final Thoughts

Mastering the mentioned steps will make it easier for you to operate on the road. You’ll also be sure to pass your road test if you’re waiting for one.

It only needs a little bit of practice! Start your driving lessons today to become an expert and more confident driver.