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Many parents are terrified by the mere thought of teaching their children to drive. There are a few tips to keep in mind on how to practice driving in a parking lot. 

Most parents are concerned about giving their teenagers the key to one of your dangerous and expensive items. However, these tips will help your teen learn to drive if you are starting the procedure or hoping for a first “perfect” experience.

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Before You Begin Driving inside a Parking Lot for Practice

1. Clear First!

Make him look around the car carefully before he starts to back. It’s not always simple to be environmentally conscious. 

Let him understand that it is his responsibility, and no one else’s, to make sure that there are no bikes, children, or toys nearby. 

Clear? The upcoming lesson will be to keep your eyes just pointed in his direction of travel. The whole time he is backing up, and until he gets to a full halt, he must keep his gaze on the back of the vehicle. 

Building this habit is essential. Repeat as many times as possible for better understanding.

2. Begin in the Driveway

Tell him to start driving the vehicle. For them, it’s a big deal to be in the driver’s seat. Start by introducing him to the keys in the cockpit he will soon be operating in the driveway. 

Also, remember that the driveway is where all future drives will begin. So let him do it correctly. Practice driving a straight line down your driveway. 

Allow him to exit the driveway once he masters that so he may practice steering right and left.

3. Slow Down

He will not be happy to drive quickly. Still early for that. Not even he says he wants to. Everything should proceed slowly.

He has to keep total control of the vehicle as he learns. He can put his right arm under the seat in front of him, but his left-hand needs to be resting on the steering wheel. If he is not tall enough to see, that means he’ll have to get up from the seat to get a better view of the back. 

Make him halt before he moves in either direction at the driveway end. Remind him to check both directions before he enters the street from behind. Then, before moving on, take one final glance to be safe.

Driving Practice in a Parking Lot

how to practice driving in a parking lot

1. Starting with Parking Lots

After that, let your child drive to a peaceful neighborhood parking lot. The lesson for this drive’s road segment is how to drive while continually scanning the road. 

Explain to him that every 12 to 15 seconds, he should start a new scanning pattern. The pattern appears as follows: Look straight ahead, then in the rearview mirror, then through your left side mirror, then in the right-hand side mirror, and finally in the front view mirror. Repeat this procedure throughout the driving process. 

He must also perform these tasks while constantly being mindful of anything behind and in front of him. This is a crucial component of safe driving and being aware of your surroundings.

2. Halt! ASAP!

Practice making a quick stop when you reach the parking lot. Do this right now at 10 or even five miles per hour. It appears easy. But it’s crucial. Eventually, stopping should become second nature regardless of the circumstance. 

First, clarify that he shouldn’t gaze down at his feet, and his leg should move from the accelerator towards the stop pedal. 

Here, reaction time is crucial. Therefore, work on this until it comes naturally, accelerate to the present-day low speed and halt! Do it once more. You can keep doing this at any time. Practice makes perfect.

3. Making Turns

how to practice driving in a parking lot

Utilize the parking space rows from a good parking lot to learn to make a left and right turn. Look for equal speed control and graceful turns. 

If he needs to brake frequently, he is driving too fast, and if he is pressing the accelerator, he is going too slowly. Even when you don’t see cars around, instruct him to utilize the turn signal. Remember, you are forming a crucial habit. 

To demonstrate how to give an early notice of at least 100 feet, suppose that there is city traffic behind you.

4. Prepare to repeat it

Yes, that was enjoyable. Possibly more entertaining than video games. Your teenager has gained knowledge about driving. You gained new insight into your child. 

And while passing this hurdle has some genuine benefits, it is also a sad event for parents since it is a significant step toward maturity. He will soon be able to run to the supermarket to get groceries quickly. 

So, stop doing it before you both get weary or irritated and make plans to do that again soon.

How Old Must You Be to Test Your Driving Skills in the Parking Lot?

The earliest age at which a driver can apply for a learner’s permit in any state is 14, and the oldest is 16.

Can I Practice Driving in a Parking Lot?

Although parking lots are not usually subject to traffic laws, it’s a good idea to obtain consent from the parking lot owner (particularly if it is private land.) Inside a parking lot, abide by all traffic laws, like the stop signs, one sway, speed limit, and others.

How Much Time Should be Spent Driving around a Parking Lot?

Everyone is unique. Let’s face it! After two classes, some people might be ready to drive on their own.

Practice in the parking lot, and when you feel comfortable driving (stopping, starting, and making tighter turns), I would say it’s a good enough sign to go out on the open road.

Can You Practice Driving in a Parking Lot that’s Empty?

There is no perfect spot to practice driving like a vast empty parking lot for the first time driving. With little chance of striking anything, it is conducive for you to practice driving.

Is a Permit Required to Test Your Driving Skills in a Parking Lot?

how to practice driving in a parking lot

Parking lots are still held by a business even though they are regarded as public spaces. You might want to ask the property owner if they are okay with you practicing driving there. 

Most of the time, unless it’s a private road, it’s against the law to drive without a permit or authorization.

Can a Parking Lot be used to Teach Someone How to Drive?

Yes, you can locate a sizable parking area to instruct a learner driver.


For some parents, teaching their children to drive is a terrifying process. However, if you give it time to plan, focus on improving each ability one at a time, and slowly work with your teen, you may make a significant impact on their driving both now and in the days to come.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss the fun of teaching your teen how to practice driving in a parking lot!

If you have no time to teach your teen how to drive in a parking lot, don’t worry! You can get them to a teen driving school and let a professional driving instructor near you teach your child to drive in a safe environment.