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During this pandemic, our cars are a bit like microbial prisons. Therefore, following the advice provided by experts and authorities is vital in a whole number of ways.

Coronavirus can be found on the interior car surfaces, which may contain droplets from coughing, sneezing or exhaling. Whether a taxi or frequently shared personal car, disinfecting surfaces must be prioritized.

Naturally, it has become essential to adhere to the protocols observed to reduce the spread of the virus. Here are a few vital tips that you need to take to disinfect your car.

What to Use

Soap is a crucial ingredient of any proper cleaning operation. It interacts with the surface contaminated in a way, and degrades the virus efficiently, destroying it. Another good thing is that soap is one of the key ingredients in many easy to get items. These are like liquid hand soaps or dishwashing liquid.

Soap helps in the breaking of protective envelopes that surround the virus. It also does not damage your vehicle’s interior while using it since it does not react with it. Any type of soap is suitable because it acts similarly to the virus-like it does with oils.

When using soap, remember to wear disposable gloves, and after rubbing some soap over the surface, allow it time to surround and break the virus. Then rinse it off.

What Not to Use

Alcohol-based detergents and cleaners dry out organic materials. Thus, it is advisable not to be used as an option to clean your interior. Why? You ask; well, if your hands are dry after using it, the chances are that the natural oils in your car’s leather will dry out.

If you do not have detergent-based cleaners containing moisturizers and plan to use the alcohol-based one, tone down the drying effects using leather conditioners. They will replenish the oils that your cleaning process has removed.

The leather conditioners contain surfactants that minimize the surface tension of water, allowing it to access areas it would otherwise be unable to reach.

1.     How to Clean Different Parts of the Car

Leather parts

Deluxe leather does have a hitch, which is keeping it clean and looking new. Lightly colored leather changes to dingy shade because of the dirt and grime embedded into the surface. Fortunately, make-up remover wipes represent an excellent solution. The reason being skincare products usually contain moisturizers which, is suitable for organic materials.

clean car leather surfaces from coronavirus

If you are using alcohol-based detergent, remember to make a second pass over the surfaces with a leather conditioner to avoid cracking. You can also clean it by spraying or applying leather cleaning compounds and using a towel to rub it.

If you are in a hurry to clean your interior, you can both wash and condition it if you use a two in one product such as the Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner.

Non-Leather Parts

For those who do not have leather interiors, the job is even less tiring. However, vinyl and synthetic interiors should not be cleaned with alcohol or bleach-based products, since they are much easier to disinfect. They do not absorb anything making them clean once you wipe or wash them.

Painted surfaces will not work with alcohol but will generally tolerate bleach well. Many chrome surfaces are vinyl, which will be damaged by the use of alcohol. Plastic parts can tolerate bleach well.

All solvent products, which include acetone, kerosene, and alcohol, should be avoided because they damage expensive interior bits and do not affect viruses. If you plan on using household cleaning wipes such as Clorox, avoid hydrogen peroxide anything containing bleach at all costs.

Also, avoid using aerosol disinfectants like Lysol as they only work through direct contact. If you forget a stain, it is as if you haven’t used anything at all. Those who frequently exchange cars used by a large sum of people should focus on the steering wheel.

The rearview mirror needs a wipe too, and do not forget the gas cap. The best advice for those who ferry passengers around for a living is to do so in a car interior of plastic dashboards and vinyl seat surfaces, which are much easier to maintain than those decorated with luxurious materials.

2.     General Points on How to Keep the Car Clean and Corona Virus Free

Vacuum Your Car Regularly

Dust particles and grime get attracted to your car and get collected in it. Therefore, it is advisable to vacuum your car as it will minimize infections regularly. Make sure that you thoroughly scrub the pedals, lever, carpets, and floor mats as well.

Besides doing all this, deep clean your car’s seat using soapy water and have it disinfectant cleaned by professionals. The might cause infections if the car’s seats are made of fabric.

Clean the High-Touch Surfaces

Steering wheel, knobs, switches, screens, and buttons are but a few of the surfaces in your car you usually touch more frequently. To prevent yourself from getting infections, make sure that you clean these surfaces using the right interior cleaner.

clean highly touched surfaces

An ammonia-based solution is an alternative if you do not have the cleaner. Be sure to dilute it so that it is not acidic since it may damage the display glass or the plastic of the screen. it is also best to apply the solution on the cotton pad to clean the clean surface

Disinfect the HVAC Unit

Also known as heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning unit, which circulates air in a car’s cabin and may carry a virus. It is necessary to deep clean the entire system, including the air filter, during this time of the Coronavirus outbreak.

 Not only should you clean just the air conditioner, but also make sure that you remove and clean the cabin filter as well. You find it behind the glove compartment.

Do Not Forget to Clean the Grey Areas

Areas such as the headliner, headrest, and window glass are often touched by either the driver or passengers but must be cleaned. Besides, also remember to wipe door handles from inside and outside because they are profoundly affected areas.

Remember to carry a hand sanitizer, a mask, and wet wipes in your car and use them before you touch any of these areas. The main goal of having these things is to keep you and others safe from viruses and infections.

Final Word

The above methods are but a few ways to assure your safety during these tough times. During this pandemic, Pierre Paul Driving School offers online driving lessons if interested to enroll.

 If you see someone speeding or exhibiting rude or unsafe behavior, consider restraint before laying on the horn or resorting to castigatory action.  The person may be exhausted or stressed healthcare, and also, they may be someone on the edge health, finances, or any number of things.

Granted, these are not excuses for dangerous driving, and we all need to stay on your guard and safe on the roads as we remember to be a little extra patient during these difficult times.