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Have you wondered how to check your driving records and whether they are publicly available? The NY DMV website provides a print version of the documents where you can get your lifetime, Standard, and CDL driving records.

With your current driving license, you will get the correct history information, and the best part is you can also get it by mail or the office. All abstracts should have a security watermark and signature from the commissioner of motor vehicles.

Read on as we learn how to check driving records in New York. But first:

Types of Driving Records in New York

how to check my driving record NY


1. Standard Driving Records

The driver’s license abstract only has the public record the DMV should keep. It has your driving information for a few years, and some violations will be displayed permanently or for a more extended period.

It shows revocations and suspensions for at most four years from their end date. A display of chemical test refusal suspension lasts five years from the suspension date. Traffic convictions and accidents will appear from occurrence until the end of the year.

Drunk driving penalties will appear for 15 years from the conviction date, and DWAI will appear for ten years. However, some violations may display permanently.

In the abstract, you will find the following: 

2. Lifetime Driving Records

As the name suggests, the record has all your minor and significant road records disregarding the vehicle and traffic law on data retention requirements. However, it may not contain the information for the initial driving privileges.

There are different sections in the record, and here are the additions from the standard one.

3. Commercial Driving Records

The abstract shows an expanded driver history you won’t find on the standard record. They include licensing actions, revocations, convictions, and suspensions in any state and vehicle type.

You will also find Self Certification information and Medical Certification. An employer or organization can check the CDL records through the New York DMV License Event Notification Service( LENS).

It has an expanded driver history on the Self Cert type with all the information on the Medical certification type from the Medical Examiners Name to their Registry number.

How to Check Driving Records

New York driving records are available in three sources. Let’s learn them in detail.

1. Driving Record By Mail

how to request your New York driving record


If you don’t have a driver’s license, permit, or non-driver ID, consider checking the records through the mail. Ensure you request it earlier since arriving at your address may take a few days. Follow these steps:

MV-CDL for certified CDL records. If you are an employer seeking someone else’s driving record, you will still use form MV-15.

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles. MV- Processing

6 Empire State Plaza

Albany, NY 12228

2. Driving Records Online

how to get driving abstract NY


It’s the quickest and most effortless way to check your driving record in the comfort of your home through your laptop or PC. Note that you can’t receive the results over the phone.

Here is the quick process:

Additionally, the Records Request Navigator allows you to access records if you don’t have a New York-issued permit, driver’s license, or non-driver ID and when checking another person’s records.

3. Getting Your Driving Records in Person

free dmv driving record online ny


Visiting the DMV office in your neighborhood is another option if you want to use something other than mail or online requests. However, you can only get the standard driving record.

Here’s the process for request:

How Do I Check The New York License Points?

Your DMV records indicate the offense committed when operating vehicles in and out of New York. Each violation has some points; if you exceed the set limit, you get a suspension or revocation.

Here are some common violations and points you get.

Offense Points 
Inadequate brakes  Failing to signalImproper turning2
Red light violationUnacceptable lane change and passing Driving in the wrong direction3
Reckless driving Cell phone use5
Speeding violations3 to 11

How Many Points Will Earn a License Suspension?

In New York State, the Suspension Point System will operate with the number of points you get in a set time.

First, if you get 11 points within 18 months, you get a suspension.

You must pay a driver’s assessment fee if you get 6 points in 18 months. The annual assessment fee is $100, and if you get another 6 points and above after the first fee, you should pay an additional $25 per point.

Final Thoughts

Your driving records are vital in your daily activities. Remember that the abstracts affect your insurance rate, where more mistakes will cost you more. Ensure you are cautious when driving since the DMV will record all your actions.

A defensive driving course helps in reducing the points in your record. At Pierre Paul Driving school, we ensure our students get the best skills to maintain a clean driving record. Book lessons and have the best driving experience.