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Are you moving to New York, and you have some questions on how to change address on driving license running through your mind? Don’t worry; you only need to follow the procedure and provide the requirements.

Before you hit the New York roads, you must work on some paperwork to update your new address.

Stick with us if you need help figuring out where to begin with the process, as we give you the required information on how to change the address on your driving license. Let’s dive in.

1. When Moving From Another State

First, you must notify the NY DMV about the changes you are about to make within 10 days of moving. The changes should be on your license and your traffic records. Be keen to ensure there are no errors in your address, but correct them as soon as possible if they happen.

When moving to New York from another state, you must get a new driver’s license and visit the NY DMV offices since they don’t offer the service online.

As you plan to book your appointment, ensure you have the following:

A driving test isn’t a requirement, but you must pass the vision test or have documentation of a recent eye exam that meets NY DMV requirements.

You will be charged $65 for a new driver’s license in New York.

Do You Need to Change the Car Registration?

Yes. You must register your car with the NY DMV, and sorry to say, you must visit their offices in person. Remember you have up to 30 days to update this information.

What Are the Requirements for Car Registration?

Before going to the DMV office, ensure you make an appointment to save time. Go with your car for verification, and don’t forget to carry the following:

Note that the fee charged during car registration depends on different factors, such as your car weight and your specific residence. Other fees include sales tax, title certificate, registration transfer, and the actual registration fee.

2. When Moving to New York

How to change address on driving license


New York law requires you to update your address when moving within New York within 10 days, and the best part is you have three ways to choose from.


You can change your address in the comfort of your home by filling out the online form. You must have a DMV account to access the online service and to create one, and you need a recent New York driver’s license, non-driver I.D, or learner’s permit.

If you lost your documents, you need to wait for the mail from the motor vehicle department before you create the account or go with the other options.

In-Person Services

How to change address on driving license

Sometimes the best option is to visit the NY DMV offices near you and fill out the address change form. Please check if the person’s services are available on your visiting day.

Visit the offices during office hours and remember that there are changes during public holidays or election days.

By Mail

Some people still love the mail; sometimes, it’s the only option. Please fill out the change in address and send it to;

NYS DMV License Production Bureau, P.O. Box 2895, Albany, NY 12220-0895

You can also update the registration by calling 518-486-9786). Whichever way you choose, you must update your information within 10 days.

What Are the Requirements for the Change in Address and Car Registration?

For the vehicle registration address change, you need the following:

Is There a Fee When Changing the Address and Vehicle Registration?

Yes. Moving within New York will cost $17.50 to obtain the updated driver’s license and $8 for the non-driver I.D. card.

3. When Moving Out of New York


New York doesn’t cancel your registration details when you move to another state, you need to notify the DMV, and you are lucky since, with this, you won’t have to visit their offices. Give them a call or notify them online.

Additionally, must surrender your car plates and ensure you have removed all the frames, fasteners, and stickers for the department to accept them. Mail the plates and the plate surrender application form to NYS DMV, 6 Empire State Plaza, Room B240, Albany, NY 12228.

When is the Appropriate Time to Schedule an Appointment with NY DMV?

An appointment with the DMV is a phone call away. The best time to schedule an appointment is immediately after the office opens, mid-week and mid-month since it’s less busy. Call (518) 402-2100 and select the time that fits your schedule.

Is There an Additional Service After Changing Your Driver’s License Address?

Yes. The update and registration help you update your voter registration, and you can get coupons.

How Long Does it Take to Have My New Driver’s License After Changing the Address?

The license will arrive four to six weeks after the application.

Does NY DMV Charge for Changing the Address?

No. Charges only apply when you apply for a new license, I.D. card, or vehicle registration with your new address.

Final Thoughts

Before exploring New York in your new car, remember to change address on your driving license whether you have moved from another state or within New York. Remember you have to notify the department within 10 days and change your address and registration within 30 days. If it’s your first New York driver’s license, you must visit the offices and make the changes. Carry the required documents and book an appointment to save the wait time.