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You need driving skills to pass any state’s driving test. The most convenient way to get these skills is to join a driving school near you that provides standard classroom and road lessons.  But how much do driving classes cost? Find out more.

When you plan to join a driving school, you obviously have to be concerned about the cost. Like when you are to buy some item, you may want to move around different sellers to compare prices and find which one offers the best bargain.

That way, you can shield yourself from overcharging driving schools. But before we consider how much driving schools cost, let us check how the cost is determined in the first place. 

What Factors Affect the Driving School Cost?

Often, driving school cost depends on:

1. Cost of Gasoline 

The car or truck you will use during the practical lessons has to be powered. Therefore, the cost of gasoline directly affects the price of driving lessons. 

The gasoline cost varies considerably from state to state, so driving school fees also vary between states.

2. The Curriculum or Lessons Package 

Did you know that some schools use an inadequate curriculum? In short, you get less than you deserve.

The driving schools may all offer the standard driving lessons required by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), but other schools may include extra classes, resulting in higher fees.

Some driving schools include pickup and drop-off in the package, so once you pay that, you won’t spend again on commuting to and from the school.

There are packages designed for teenagers who are taking driving lessons for the first time. Such a package can vary in cost from another created for the adults who only want to refresh their driving skills.

Hence, your age will also determine the cost of driving lessons.

3. Success Rate

A driving school with a high success rate will attract more learners. That’s the natural order of things. You obviously want to join a school where you are more likely to pass the test. 

Such a school will take advantage of the fact that it’s in high demand to increase fees slightly or outrageously.

So when you find a driving school charging relatively higher than other driving schools around, do not quickly dismiss it. Joining it might be your only best chance to pass the DMV road test.

4. Competence 

A well-established, old school that has invested in highly qualified and competent staff would have to charge you more than a newly-established driving school with qualified but less-expressed instructors.

Some old, well-known driving schools may also employ incompetent instructors merely to cut costs. The driving school cost may be relatively cheaper, but it’s because your trainers are not much better than you.

5. Type of Vehicles Available 

Where school vehicles are used, the vehicle condition can further affect the fee. 

Driving schools with dual control, well-maintained, and fully insured vehicles may want to charge more than other driving schools without.

Some schools will provide you with vehicles to be used for practical lessons and tests, while other schools will let you come with a personal vehicle.

The overall cost of the lessons may be lower in schools that allow personal vehicles. A driving school that provides cars, SUV’s and trucks may charge higher than a school with only cars.

Note that some states permit you to use the driving school’s vehicle for training. 

Should You Always Use Price to Determine Which Driving School to Join?

While price matters, it may not be the best criteria to judge which is the best school to join. Some good driving schools with competent staff and a good curriculum may charge you what is considered low fee by the market trend. 

On the other hand, a driving school with inexperienced instructors can charge more than it should. That’s why even as you seek the best bargain, take the time to check each driving school’s customer reviews.

Alternatively, you can seek advice from your local DMV for the best driving school near you.

So, How Much Do Driving Schools Cost? 

On average, classroom driving lessons will cost you between $50 and $1500, while road training costs $50-$150 per session. For a combination driving course package, the cost is between $200 and $1500. Road test cost alone incurs between $50-$150. 

Some driving schools will also have packages charged on an hourly basis, so you pay based on the hours taken per lesson. On average, each class takes 2 hours.

Many states require that you receive at least 6 hours of lessons before being eligible for a road test by the DMV.

Some schools charge per lesson. On average, one lesson costs $80.

Wrap Up 

A point that should not be lost in you as you choose a driving school is that cost alone should not determine the one you join. Find out what factors have put the price where it is.

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