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Road Test Sites Near Herkimer

1. Herkimer Road Test Site

Location – On West Steele Street, between Mohawk and Miller Streets, facing Miller Street in Herkimer, NY 13350.

Directions -Take the NYS Thruway and exit at 30. Turn right at the end of the ramp onto Mohawk Street (SR 28 North), then make another right onto West Steele Street. Pull over at the road test sign.

2. Old Forge

Location: On Gilbert Street, facing Main Street in Old Forge, NY 13420.

Directions: Take Route #28 to Gilbert Street, facing Main Street at the High School.

Why Consider Pierre Paul Driving School for Herkimer Driving Lessons?

1. Safe and Reliable Vehicles: Pierre Paul Driving School uses only safe and reliable vehicles for their training sessions. The vehicles are equipped with all necessary safety features, and they are regularly maintained to ensure that they are in good working condition.

2. Certified Instructors: Pierre Paul Driving School employs only certified and licensed instructors who are knowledgeable and experienced in providing driving instruction. They are committed to helping you become a safe and responsible driver.

Herkimer Driving School: 7 Places to Hone Your Driving Skills

Brooklyn, New York is a melting pot of cultures and a hub of excitement and adventure. Herkimer Street, in particular, is a vibrant neighborhood that’s perfect for a leisurely drive.

Herkimer driving school

Source: Wikimedia

With its diverse range of sights, sounds, and experiences, Herkimer Street is the perfect place to take your driving lessons.

Herkimer Street

Start with the wide and relatively quiet Herkimer Street itself. It’s perfect for mastering the basics like steering, speed control, and lane discipline.

Lincoln Terrace Park

The park provides ample parking areas where you can practice parking, three-point turns, and low-speed maneuvers in a stress-free environment.

Residential Streets

Herkimer is filled with tree-lined residential streets with minimal traffic. These streets offer an ideal setting for practicing turns, signaling, and gaining confidence in your driving abilities.

Fulton Street

Once you’re more comfortable, you can venture onto nearby Fulton Street. It’s a bustling thoroughfare that will help you become skilled at handling heavier traffic, intersections, and traffic lights.

Local Shopping Centers

Explore the local shopping centers with spacious parking lots during off-peak hours. These areas are excellent for honing parking skills and practicing maneuvers without the pressure of crowded streets.

Brooklyn Avenue

This street provides a mix of residential areas and moderately busy sections, making it a great place to practice transitioning between different driving environments.

Interstate 678

When you’re ready for highway driving, Interstate 678 is not too far away. It offers an opportunity to practice merging onto highways, maintaining highway speeds, and safely exiting.

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