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5 ways to help you learn to drive

Do you know what it really takes to learn to drive in New York? We get!

The journey to your New York driver’s license isn’t the easiest, from passing the learner permit test to booking and actually passing a driving test.

And now with the coronavirus pandemic plaguing our lives, you aren’t sure when you will ever manage to go through the process and become a qualified driver.

But you are not alone.

Let’s forget for a moment about the things we can’t control and focus on what is under our control – and in this case – knowing what it takes to learn to drive!

Here are 5 critical things you need to keep in mind to learn to drive in New York.

1. Choosing the Best Driving School

Driving in a big city is obviously different than maneuvering around town. How about navigating the Big Apple? It’s a whole different animal, right? That’s why you should never be tempted to assume the process of choosing the best driving school. You’ll need the necessary skills to drive safely.

You can only get that from experienced and qualified driving instructors. But how do you choose a driving school that can help you learn to drive in New York and turn you into a confident and safe driver>

Fully Equipped Facility

As you’re seeking for the right behind-the-wheel skills, consider a driving school with the latest and relevant driving modules. With the necessary materials, it’s easier to complete the courses and tests on time.

Additionally, it should be equipped with the latest technology, such as use of videos to deliver lessons. You should be keen on evaluating the best facility that’ll provide you with the best skills.

Their course content should give you an impression of comprehensive lessons that cover everything you need to learn to drive. Besides, the school should have good cars for its students to practice as they learn to drive.

A Good Reputation

The best driving school will have a good reputation. Most past students will rank the school depending on their training services. You’ll know about a school’s status by their online reviews on various social media platforms such as Facebook.

Nevertheless, the authorities that accredit the school will give you a hint on the school’s reputation. In other words, if the school is accredited by the New York DMV, then it’s reputable enough to offer quality training lessons.

Reasonable Pricing

Pricing is an essential factor when purchasing driving lessons. While you want the most comprehensive lessons, you also have a budget to work with. Thus, find a New York driving school that provides quality driving lessons at affordable rates. More importantly, check out whether the institution has any discounts.

Comprehensive New York Driving School Lessons

 A right school offers comprehensive lessons to its students. It should touch on theories, training on skills, and proper practical driving tests to ensure that you get the best at the end of the course.  The theoretical approach will help you assess the knowledge of lessons taught. It’ll also help the instructors analyze everything before going to the next stage.

Practical skills are vital as you’ll be able to hone your skills. With the latest driving modules, it’ll make it easier for you when it comes to driving maneuvers. It’ll prepare you for the actual driving test, which you need to pass in order to get the driver’s license. With the comprehensive driving lessons, you’ll be ready and confident to ace the test sooner rather than later.

2. Book Your Lessons

Learning to drive can be as intimidating as it is exciting. There isn’t a particular time of the year when it’s best to take your driving lessons. However, there’s a good time for you to take driving lessons. It should be the time when you have less on your mind. Take, for instance, booking lessons in the best New York driving school to begin at the onset of your exams revision. Worst timing, right? You’ll not only worry about starting your lessons, but also revising and passing the exams.

You should choose a steady period. Otherwise, you’ll have it rough, serving two masters at the same time. You also need to ensure that you’re ready to commit for as long as it takes to complete your lessons and pass your driving test successfully. If not, it’ll take you a long time as well as cost you extra money.

If you’re in a not-so-much-involving situation, you can start by booking a few lessons per week. In the long run, you can flex your schedule to fit in more driving lessons.

3. Paying Attention to Your Instructor

It’s essential to listen to your driving instructor carefully. Pay attention to what your instructors ask you to do. As stated earlier in the article, there are theoretical and practical lessons. You can ask questions about anything you aren’t sure of. The more you follow instructions, the better driver you’ll become.

pay attention to the driving instructor

Remember, your driving instructor is somebody you’ll spend at least 30 hours a week over several months. Therefore, you’ll need to have a good rapport that’ll define your skills and confidence in driving for the rest of your life. To attain this, you’ll need to ask yourself these questions before settling on a random instructor.

What’s the Instructor’s Experience?

The instructor’s experience will give you an insight into their expertise. Instructors with years of experience in both driving and teaching how to drive are often friendly and patient, as they have handled many students before. They also know how to vary teaching methodologies so you can help you master driving faster.

What’s the Instructor’s Pass Rate Among Previous Students?

I’m sure you don’t expect a 100% rating for any driving guide, do you? They don’t exist because 100% of students don’t exist! A great instructor will know what their pass rate is and proudly share it with learners.

What’s the Instructor’s Teaching Method?

This is arguably the most important question! The instructor’s teaching method should be in line with the best process of learning. You may prefer a learning environment that’s more of a friendly relationship than a one-sided lecture. Depending on how you want to learn, your instructor’s teaching method will play a significant contribution on how fast you learn to drive.

If your instructors meet your preferences on the questions mentioned above, then you have no reason not to be keen on their directives.

4. Learn to Drive by Learning From Mistakes

As you learn to drive, you will most likely make mistakes. It’s understandable as you’re a novice at driving, and there will be situations that you don’t know much about. Such common mistakes include:

Misreading the Road Signs

Road signs inform you when there is a sharp corner or some unexpected road feature. But, You may also take a left turn when a road sign reads otherwise.  A corner could look quite gentle, but it tightens quickly when you’re carrying too much speed into it.


Due to the driving ecstasy, who doesn’t speed once they hit the highway?  You see, the ability to judge speed is something you develop over time.  As you gain more experience, you’ll learn how to react to situations, including how to deal with road rage.

Driving Distractions

A driving distraction is every little thing that takes your attention off the road while driving. It could be an incoming phone call from your mom, a friend in an oncoming vehicle, or advertisement billboards.  

Paying attention to any type of distraction makes you less efficient at controlling the car.  Make sure you avoid distractions as it is the primary cause of car crashes among new drivers.

5. Perseverance

Prepared as you may be, you might fail a driving test or two before passing. If you said to me a year ago that I’d be able to reverse a Volkswagen Polo through a 5 meter, between a skip and a wall, I‘d have smiled at your misplaced belief in my abilities.

perseverance is important when learning to drive

Often, people take a lot of skills for granted. So, pat yourself on the back. You’re on your way to getting better at something that’s beyond what nature intended. It’s practically a superpower. Keep calm and carry on with the process. Think of your first test as practice, and book your next go.

Wrapping Up

Learning to drive in New York is manageable for almost everyone. Millions do it each day.  All you need is due diligence in all aspects before enrolling for any driving lesson. Also, you need to be careful throughout your learning experience. This way, you’ll be sure to navigate quickly and enjoy the travels throughout the city that never sleeps.

Pierre Paul Driving School should be your go-to New York Driving School. Contact us to help you learn to drive in New York and become a better driver down the road.