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Road Test Sites Near Harlem

1. Bronx- Alexander Ave CDL

Location2 Alexander Ave The Bronx, NY 10454

Directions – To reach the CDL lot, take Major Deegan – Interstate 87N toward Albany and Exit 2 towards Willis Ave/Third Ave Bridge. Merge onto E 135th Street and turn right onto Alexander Ave. The security booth will be straight ahead; you can turn left into the CDL lot from there.

2. Seaview Auto

LocationSeaview Avenue and East 104th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11236

Directions – Use the Belt Parkway and take the Rockaway Parkway Exit to reach your destination. Follow Rockaway Parkway towards the north until you reach Seaview Avenue, and turn right onto it. Continue on Seaview Avenue, and before reaching East 104th Street, find a spot to pull over.

3. Fox Hills Auto

LocationNorth side of Mosel Avenue, facing Pierce Street Staten Island, NY 10301

Directions – Take the Staten Island Expressway West and exit at Clove Road. Keep going on Clove Road until you reach Richmond Road, then turn left. At the next intersection, turn left onto Narrows Road South and stick to the right lane until you reach the end of the road. Turn left onto Mosel Avenue, and pull over to the right underneath the underpass to line up.

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1. High Success-Rate

For more than 15 years, we have provided training and successful drivers.

Our driving lessons help inexperienced or new drivers obtain their licenses. We also help seasoned drivers get better.

2. Personalized Driving Classes

Throughout our sessions, we cater to the unique demands of each student, and we adjust the teachings in light of the student’s development.

3. Learn From the Best Instructors

We assist in transforming timid learners into the best, safest, and most assured drivers.

Our school provides comfortable, informed, and safe instruction to seasoned and inexperienced drivers to help them grow into self-assured and collision-free drivers.

4. We Offer You a Car for the Driving Test

You don’t have to worry about what car to use during your road test. We’ll provide you with a vehicle at our driving school.

About Driving in Harlem

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