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Are you done with the driver’s license test and don’t know what to do next? It’s exciting to pass a driver’s license test, but as you are delighted, it’s normal to be nervous.

It is overwhelming to think that you will hit the road alone without being spied on by someone. It’s also impressive and excellent when you finally know that you are free to drive legally and included in driver statistics.

To enjoy the new achievement you have made and boost potential confidence when driving, it’s wise to follow up a few steps and make everything easier.

In this blog, we have comprehensively elaborated on the fun things to do once you get your license.

What are we waiting for? Let’s explore.

Top 7 Fun Things to Do Once You Get Your License

1. Take an Exciting Road Trip

What should you do first when you receive a driving license?


Now that you have legal rights to drive independently, you can plan a road trip for yourself and your friends. 

Road trips are attainable for one who has extra time. If you are alone, try carrying some cargo to prove that you have the potential to carry friends and families with you without straining.

As you drive along the road as a pro, excitement will rise, and your friends will keep praising your driving skills. This part is the most enjoyable if you are a first-time driver.

As long as you maintain safety, there are various places to go when you get your license; you can visit places you always wanted to go, relaxable drive-in movie centers, or head to a restaurant.

2. Drive Someone’s Car

When you have typically passed the test and possess a driver’s license, you have legal rights to drive any vehicle, whether yours or not. The car may help you know what’s needed in driving and improve your driving skills.

Before doing this, you should get yourself insured from any risk. Sometimes you can take a third-party cover when using someone else’s vehicle.

When you have an opportunity to drive someone else’s vehicle, don’t let it go; the car may be beneficial. While driving, ensure you steer the car well to avoid any accidents.

3. Purchase a Car of Your Own

Buying a car of your own may be something you have dreamt of having since childhood. The first thing you should do once you have passed the driver’s license test and are fully qualified to drive is consider buying a car.

It doesn’t have to be a new car; you can buy a less new pre-owned car but of high quality at a relatively lower price than a new one. You also don’t have to buy a dream car that is expensive above your limit.

4. Gather your Friends for a Driver’s License Great Party

what should you do first when receiving your driving license


As a hero, you should throw a great party to enjoy your sacrifice to attain a driver’s license. This is not a small achievement as you can think because it’s also a key towards your future independence.

You cannot enjoy alone, call friends all over and notify them earlier. As you all know, everyone loves partying and can execute anything for it.

5. Show off the Driver’s License

Nowadays, we are in a generation where flexing is a normal thing to do. Once you get the license, you can flaunt your achievement on social media. But always be careful when you post and who will access the post.

Before you post the license, ensure that you have obscured important information, and don’t just assume that you are holding the license a distance away because it may be zoomed in. Evil people may take your information and leave it as an identity in case of theft.

Ensure you carry your driver’s license everywhere because it’s the most important thing in your wallet.

6. Take your Crush for a Ride

first thing you did when you got your license


This is much more exciting. It’s also a valuable life skill that can advance your social life, mostly the romantic life you may have. You can take advantage of having a driver’s license and pick up your crush on a date.

As time passes, you will notice that the freedom and proof of your hard work will soon make your dating prospects. Regarding dating, don’t underestimate the ability to drive; it also helps you upgrade your driving skills.

7. Visit your Family at Home

things to do once you get your license


Nature always separates us from our families once we get older, but this does not mean we shouldn’t meet with them, even if it’s not that often. Public transport is unreliable and may be a barrier between you and your family.

Now that you have successfully attained your driver’s license, you can visit them anytime and whenever you are interested in them. 

Your family will be excited once they see you driving on your own. You will also be excited to see them celebrating and appreciating your frequent visit and hard work.

Being fully connected with your family is enjoyable as you cheer up and have meals together.

What Are The Rules When You First Get Your License?

Once you get your license, you are put in a curfew for the first year, where you should not drive from midnight to 5 a.m. This should be implemented unless you are accompanied by an experienced legal guardian, parent, or instructor.

You also have some exceptions, like when driving to or from work or school, in case of emancipated minors, and medical emergencies.

When You First Get Your License How Many Passengers Can You Have?

For the first year from when you received your license, or if you are a teen until you turn 18, you are only allowed to carry one passenger under the age of twenty, unless it’s a sibling or step-siblings you have in the car. The two of you must be on a safety belt.


Getting a driver’s license is not an easy process; it requires dedication, but you are exploited for opportunities once you have it.

Once you read and follow the tips briefly explained above, you can have the potential to get behind the wheel with confidence and proof that your hard work and dedication have helped you achieve what you always wanted.

Remember that safety comes first as you enjoy the fruits of passing the driver’s license test.