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5 Hour Driving Course

Develop your driving confidence by enrolling in a 5-hour course taught by skilled instructors.

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Enhance your driving experience by scheduling a road test appointment in Fresh Meadows.

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Speed up obtaining your driver's license by taking personalized driving lessons.

Road Test Sites Near Fresh Meadows

1. Fresh Meadows Road Test Site

Location: On 58 Avenue – between Underhill Avenue and 192 Street – facing Underhill at Corner Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

Directions: Long Island Expressway to Francis Lewis Blvd exit. Make a left turn on Francis Lewis. Go to 58th Avenue and make a left. Go to Underhill Avenue. Park on 58th Avenue facing Underhill Avenue.

2. Cunningham Park Road Test Site

Location — Hollis Hills Terrace between 73rd Avenue and Union Turnpike facing 73rd Avenue Cunningham Park, NY 11366

Directions — Long Island Expressway to Francis Lewis Blvd exit, make a right. At 73rd Avenue make a left turn. Second light make a right (Hollis Hills Terrace). Site is on the right.

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About Driving in Fresh Meadows

Fresh Meadows, Queens, NYC offers several suitable spots for new drivers to practice their skills after completing driving lessons. Here are some exciting places:

Fresh Meadows Driving School

Photo by Dennis Hackett

Cunningham Park

This expansive park has parking lots and scenic roads that provide a safe environment for practicing parking, turns, and basic maneuvers. It’s an excellent place for new drivers to gain confidence.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

The church parking lot is often empty during non-service times and is a great spot for practicing parking, backing up, and other maneuvers.

Fresh Meadows Playground

Located in the heart of Fresh Meadows, this playground has a parking lot that can be used for practicing parking and low-speed maneuvers.

Fresh Meadows Shopping Center

The parking lots of shopping centers, like the one in Fresh Meadows, provide opportunities to practice parking, navigating busy lots, and observing right-of-way rules.

Quiet Residential Streets

Fresh Meadows has numerous quiet residential streets with minimal traffic. These streets are perfect for new drivers to practice driving at lower speeds and making turns.

Fresh Meadows Golf Course

While not for driving practice per se, the golf course has well-maintained roads and minimal traffic during non-golfing hours. It can be a pleasant area for gaining experience in a calm driving environment.

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