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Road Test Sites Near Forest Hills

1. Kissena Park

Location – Find your way to Kissena Park, located at the intersection of 164th Street and Underhill Avenue/Booth Memorial Avenue. Cars should park facing Underhill Avenue. The park’s address is Kissena Park, NY 11365.

2. Fresh Meadows

Location – Find your way to 58th Avenue, located between Underhill Avenue and 192nd Street in Fresh Meadows, NY 11365. Cars should be parked facing Underhill Avenue at the corner.

3. Astoria Heights

Location – Find your way to 19th Avenue, located between 47th Street and 49th Street in Astoria, NY 11105.

Directions – Cars should line up facing Hazen Street.

The Untold Benefits of Taking Driving Lessons in Forest Hills

Forest Hills, New York is a veritable treasure trove of all things delightful and fascinating! With its breathtaking suburban beauty, this bustling neighborhood is the perfect place for a leisurely drive. So put on your comfiest driving shoes and get ready for an exciting ride!


Queens Blvd

This major thoroughfare has multiple lanes, traffic lights, and varying traffic conditions, making it an excellent place to practice merging, changing lanes, and navigating through urban traffic.

Forest Park

The park provides a spacious and scenic environment where new drivers can practice parking, turning, and low-speed maneuvers in a less stressful setting.

Austin Street

This bustling shopping and dining area offers opportunities to practice parallel parking and dealing with pedestrian traffic. It’s a great place to refine your parking skills.

Queens Center Mall

The mall’s parking lot is usually spacious and relatively empty during non-peak hours, making it an ideal place to practice parking, three-point turns, and other driving maneuvers.

Grand Central Parkway

Once you’re more confident, the Grand Central Parkway can offer a highway experience with on and off-ramps, different lanes, and moderate traffic. Be cautious and make sure you’re comfortable with highway driving before attempting this.

Residential Streets

Forest Hills has a mix of narrow and wide residential streets. These are great for practicing driving at slower speeds, making turns, and getting used to driving in a neighborhood environment.

Why Enroll with Pierre Paul Driving School in Forest Hills?

  1. Flexible driving lessons: The driving lessons offered by Pierre Paul Driving School are flexible and tailored to your schedule and needs, ensuring they can progress at your own pace.
  2. Committed Trainers: The trainers at Pierre Paul Driving School are fully committed to helping you become confident and safe drivers. They provide individualized attention and guidance, ensuring you receive the best possible training experience.
  3. Cars for your practice and road test: Pierre Paul Driving School has a fleet of well-maintained, modern cars that provide a comfortable and up-to-date driving experience. With our cars, passing tour road test will be a piece of cake.

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