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safety driving tips covid-19

Road safety should be part of our lives as transportation is close to being a necessity. A good driver will stay alert and observe road safety tips today to live and drive tomorrow. As much as speeding is thrilling, it is deadly at times.

Road trips are becoming a common thing during this pandemic, as we still have restrictions surrounding air travel in New York and other states.

Therefore, the roads are becoming crowded. While driving to work, to the mall, to see a loved one, or even back home, take into account some of these road safety tips.

1. Sanitize the interior of your vehicle

If possible, you should make sure to disinfect your whole interior. Carry disinfecting wet wipes for the steering wheel after stops to avoid contracting the virus. Whenever you come across passengers who need a lift, ensure they sanitize before entering. Avoid pick-ups if necessary.

Ensure the windows are halfway down to avoid breathing in contaminated air and allow free circulation.

2. Pack Your Vehicle with Essential Emergency Items

A good traveler knows his equipment by heart. In case of a tire emergency, ensure you have a spare tire, an inflator, and a sealant. When driving, you should always have a map of the area you intend to explore.

pack essentials when driving during covid-19

Also, carry a hand sanitizer that has 60% ethanol. Since driving requires energy, you might stop to grab something to eat. However, you should pack your non-perishable food. In case your car is trapped, and the doors won’t open, a window breaker could save your life.

3. Carry Water

Sometimes you would prefer washing your hands with soap rather than applying a sanitizer. Carrying water would come in handy in such a case.

Moreover, water is life, meaning you cannot travel without it. Water relieves the body of fatigue. It also re-energizes the body, making you stay sharp while driving. Nevertheless, when your car has overheated, you could use it to cool down the engine.

4. Dining

 Most New York State restaurants have re-opened. They do, however, have changes that adhere to the government rules. Some may have to limit the number of guests inside. In some states, you will have to drive through the takeout points as they do not allow sit-down meals. While you are at it, it’s important to observe road safety tips.

Some of the takeout hotels include Starbucks and McDonald’s, are found in almost all the states. You can, however, consider packing your food to avoid contact with people. Whenever you stop to grab something to eat, please remember to wear a mask and sanitize before eating.

5. Research and Reserve Lodging

Booking of rooms in advance will spare you the risk of coming in contact with the coronavirus. If you are planning on spending the night, book a place earlier in advance. Most hotels are open for business, especially the ones along highways.

Going from hotel to hotel looking for a place to spend the night, or taking a rest is risky. However, most hotels have set the protocols in containing the virus. For example, hotels like Hilton and Best Western will allow you to open your room with your Smartphone instead of the key.

They are also sanitizing all the surfaces, including elevators, door handles, and providing hand sanitizers to every room. They also sanitize highly-touched surfaces regularly and the surfaces you place your belongings.

6. Ensure the Interior Is Comfortable

In case it is a long trip, and you do not want to spend the night in a hotel, then your comfort should be prioritized. Carry pillows to make sleeping in the car less stressful, and they can help you avoid neck pain when you wake up.

Bring comfortable shoes as your feet may get sore from stepping on the pedals the whole day. If you are planning on sleeping in the vehicle, make sure to carry blankets. If your crew is planning on taking turns driving, then the others can rest in comfort.

By doing this, you will reduce the chances of coming into contact with the virus.

7. Sanitize After Stops

Your health is your duty. As we face this pandemic sanitizing should be our default modes. Since the gas station is open to the public, the chances of getting sick are high. Therefore, sanitizing should be done often after refueling to help you stay virus-free.

Instead of paying for the gas with cash, use credit cards as it is easier to wipe it with your wet wipe or sanitizer. When refueling, use disposable gloves to handle the nozzle, rather than worrying about wiping it down.

8. Have a First Aid Kit

To save one’s life, you do not always require a degree, only an aiding kit. Immediate action taken after an accident causes fewer difficulties later. It should have alcohol bottles to use for disinfecting surfaces or cuts and gloves when attending to an injury.

9. Carry a Disposable Face Mask

Face masks are essential now more than ever since it is required by the government to have one. You should carry more than one. Also remember to have a hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and sealable disposable bags. You should in all indoor and outdoor public places.

carry a face mask when driving during covid-19

Most of the public restrooms are closed, including fast-food establishments, which prevent customers from using their toilets. Your only option is to use the toilets at gas stations.

Therefore, never touch the door handle or the faucet after washing your hands and be especially vigilant when it comes to sanitizing. Use a paper towel when touching the doorknob.

10. Follow the Traffic Rules

Ensure you follow the traffic rules to avoid being pulled over by a police officer. You can never be too sure to know who has COVID-19.

Final Thoughts

Despite the current events, Trips remain an essential part of explorers. It is the best way to vacate while considering protocols. Follow the discussed safety driving tips and all traffic rules, and you will be on your way to being a responsible driver.

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