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Far Rockaway Driving School Services to Consider

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Road Test Sites Near East Harlem

1. Rosedale Road Test Site

On 147th Ave between 184th St and Springfield Blvd Queens, NY 11413
Line up facing 184th St.

2. Ozone Park Road Test Site

 On 84th St between 108th Ave and 106th Ave Ozone Park, NY 11417
Line up facing 108th Ave.

Benefits of Enrolling for Driving Lessons in Far Rockaway Driving School

Experience engaging and interactive classes – Enroll in our prelicensing driving classes and experience an interactive and engaging learning environment that caters to all types of students.

Qualified DMV instructors – Enhance your driving skills with our reliable and state-of-the-art training vehicles, provided during our comprehensive driving classes.

Master your driving skills in modern cars – Our online driving classes provide the best instruction in driving techniques and the rules of the road, led by the top instructors in the industry.

Achieve success on the road test – Benefit from the extensive experience of our DMV-certified instructors, who are experts in teaching safe driving techniques.

Be part of our online classes – Join our road test preparation program and experience the same 97% success rate that has helped hundreds of students pass their driving test.

Get in the Driver’s Seat and Explore Far Rockaway

Far Rockaway is a diverse neighborhood with a rich cultural heritage. This diversity provides opportunities to learn about and appreciate different cultures. Here are some admirable sites that you won’t miss while driving around.

Far Rockaway driving school

Photo by Faith Michael

Jacob Riis Park Parking Lot

Jacob Riis Park has a spacious parking lot where you can practice parking, maneuvering, and basic driving skills in a relatively open and safe environment.

Beach 9th Street

This is a residential street in Far Rockaway where you can practice driving in a quieter neighborhood setting. It’s an excellent place to practice turning, stopping, and getting used to local road conditions.

Seagirt Boulevard

Seagirt Boulevard is a main thoroughfare in Far Rockaway. Practice driving on this road to become familiar with urban traffic conditions, including intersections and traffic signals.

Rockaway Beach Boulevard

This major road runs along the coastline and offers opportunities to practice city driving with multiple lanes, traffic lights, and pedestrian crossings.

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