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Elmhurst Driving School Services to Consider

5 Hour Class

Learn with the best driving instructors in Elmhurst for just five hours in our engaging and informative pre-licensing course.

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Receive customized lessons from qualified and experienced instructors to become a confident driver.

Road Test Sites Near Elmhurst

1. Astoria Heights Road Test Site

To get to the Astoria Heights Road Test Site in Queens from Elmhurst, take the Queens Boulevard Eastbound towards Astoria. Make a left turn onto 31st Street and then another left turn onto 30th Avenue. The road test site will be on your right after a few blocks. The total distance is approximately 3 miles and should take around 10-15 minutes to drive depending on traffic.

2. Jamaica Road Test Site

To get to the Jamaica Road Test Site in Queens from Elmhurst, you can take the E subway train from Elmhurst Station to the Jamaica Station. The trip should take around 20-30 minutes. Once you arrive at Jamaica Station, you can follow the signs to the road test site, which is located on 160th Street

Why Choose Pierre Paul Driving School in Elmhurst?

Extensive experience – Pierre Paul Driving School has been in the industry for over 15 years; thus, students are guaranteed to get extensive knowledge and skills to hit the road.

We provide road test cars – At Pierre Paul Driving School in Elmhurst, we provide our students with cars for their road test. This ensures they use a car they are familiar with.

Multilingual lessons – We offer driving lessons in different languages like French, English, Creole, or Spanish so you can learn via a language that you understand best.

We offer transport services – We will pick you up and drop you off after your driving lessons so you don’t have to worry about transport.

Exciting Spots to Visit in Elmhurst After Your Driving Lessons

Discover the charm of Elmhurst by getting a driver’s license and driving yourself around the city. Below are some beautiful spots to begin with:

Elmhurst Driving School lessons


Queens Center Mall Parking Lot

The Queens Center Mall has a spacious parking lot where new drivers can practice parking, maneuvering, and basic driving skills during quieter hours, especially in the mornings.

Elmhurst Park

Elmhurst Park features open areas and pathways where you can practice navigating curves, handling intersections, and becoming comfortable with residential area driving. It’s a serene location for practicing at your own pace.

Local Streets

Elmhurst has a grid-style street layout with a mix of residential streets and avenues. New drivers can explore these streets to get a feel for typical urban driving conditions, including stop signs, traffic lights, and intersections.

Queens Boulevard

Queens Boulevard is a major thoroughfare in the area, offering a chance to practice city driving with multiple lanes, traffic signals, and pedestrian crossings. Be sure to drive during off-peak hours to avoid heavy traffic.

Nearby Highways

Elmhurst provides easy access to several nearby highways, including the Long Island Expressway (I-495) and the Grand Central Parkway. New drivers can gradually build confidence on these highways as they become more comfortable with freeway driving.

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