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Wyckoff Heights Driving School

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5 Hour Driving Course

Dodge traffic tickets to save money on insurance costs, court fines, and legal fees.

Schedule a Road Test Appointment

Plan and book your road test in NY with Wyckoff Heights driving school to avoid any potential delays or setbacks.

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Sign up for personalized driving lessons with us to receive comprehensive training and preparation for your road test.

Road Test Sites Near Wyckoff Heights

1. Fresh Meadows Road Test

 On 58 Avenue – between Underhill Avenue and 192 Street – facing Underhill at Corner Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

2. Staten Island Road Test

Northside at Lincoln Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10306


Why Enroll in Pierre Paul Driving School

1. Sleek Modern Cars

At Wyckoff Heights driving school, we guarantee a comfortable learning experience using modern vehicles with the latest safety features and technology.

2. Trusted Instructors

Our certified DMV driving instructors at our driving school are experienced and prioritize safety, self-assurance, knowledge, and patience to develop confident and skilled drivers on American roadways.

3. Affordable Courses

With our cost-effective and interactive prelicensing course, you can acquire the confidence and expertise necessary to become a safe driver at your own pace while receiving immediate feedback.

4. A high Success Rate

With over ten years of experience and a 97% success rate, our driving school offers a 5-hour lesson that teaches safe driving habits and skills to drivers of all ages.

About Driving in Wyckoff Heights

Wyckoff Heights is a diverse neighborhood, with residents from many ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This creates a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for you to buckle up and ride your car.

driving lessons Wyckoff Heights


1. Fun Recreational Facilities

Wyckoff Heights is located near several major transportation routes, making it easy to get around by car. With our driving lessons, you can stop by shopping and dining areas, parks, and recreational spaces.

2. Wyckoff House Museum

Overall, the Wyckoff House Museum is a great place for anyone interested in history, culture, and the early settlement of New York City. It offers a unique and authentic glimpse into the past and provides educational and cultural opportunities for visitors of all ages.

Drive Your Way to Success

Accelerate your skills and boost your chances of success on the road by taking driving lessons in Wyckoff Heights today!