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5 Hour Driving Course

Devote only 5 hours to learning what would otherwise require weeks of effort.

Schedule a Road Test Appointment

Reserve your road test in Stuyvesant Heights to receive expert advice and instruction from a professional driving instructor.

Get Personalized Driving Instruction

Enroll in personalized driving lessons in Stuyvesant Heights to receive customized instruction and support.

Road Test Sites Near Stuyvesant Heights

1. Kissena Park Road Test

Kissena Park at 164th Street between Underhill Avenue and Booth Memorial Avenue. Cars should line up facing Underhill Avenue. Kissena Park, NY 11365

2. Wantagh Road Test

Service Road to Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway (RT 135) facing north toward Jerusalem Avenue (RT 105) Wantagh, NY  11793


Why Choose Pierre Paul Driving School

1. Modern Vehicles

Here at Stuyvesant Heights driving school, we provide a comfortable learning experience by using modern vehicles with the latest safety features and technology.

2. DMV Certified Instructors

We have qualified and experienced DMV certified driving instructors who prioritize self-assurance, knowledge, safety, and patience to develop confident, skilled drivers on Brooklyn roadways.

3. 5 Hour Driving Classes

Our affordable 5-hour course has a 97% success rate, will allow you to develop the necessary confidence and expertise to become a driver on your terms.

4. Flexible Classes

We recognize how daunting it is for drivers to navigate Brooklyn’s streets. That is why we offer flexible preliscencing courses designed to boost driver confidence from 7 am until 11 pm.

Take the Wheel and Explore Stuyvesant Heights

Stuyvesant Heights is known for its beautiful brownstones and other historic architecture. Here are some fantastic reasons why you should consider driving lessons.

driving lessons in Stuyvesant Heights

Image by Matthew Rutledge

1. Accessible Location

Stuyvesant Heights is located near several major subway lines, making it easy to get to other parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan. It’s also close to several major highways, making it easy to for your driving lessons.

2. Parks and green spaces

Stuyvesant Heights has several parks and green spaces, including Stuyvesant Heights Park and Herbert Von King Park. These provide you with opportunities to enjoy nature and outdoor activities.

3. Tree Lighting Festivals

The neighborhood is famous for its annual events and festivals, such as the Stuyvesant Heights Historic District House Tour and Holiday Tree Lighting. These bring together people from all walks of life to celebrate the neighborhood’s history and culture.

Rev Up Your Confidence 

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