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Road Test Sites in Highland Park

1. Starrett City Road Test Site

On Flatlands Avenue – Between Pennsylvania Avenue and Van Siclen Avenue facing Van Siclen Avenue Starrett City, NY 11239

2. Road Test of Ozone Park

On 84th St between 108th Ave and 106th Ave Ozone Park, NY 11417

Why Choose Pierre Paul Driving School?

1. High Google Rating

Pierre Paul Driving School is a reputable driving school in Brooklyn, New York with a 4.8 Google Star Rating.

2. Trustworthy Reputation

They have gained the trust of parents, teens, and adults across NY due to their commitment to quality driving instruction.

3. Affordable Packages

Pierre Paul Driving School offers affordable driving packages that are customizable to suit the needs of individual students.

The Untold Benefits of Taking Driving Lessons in Highland Park

Highland Park, located in Brooklyn, NY, is a fantastic destination to explore while taking driving lessons. With its lush greenery, recreational centers, and bustling streets, Highland Park is a perfect place to learn and practice driving.

driving lessons in Highland Park


1. A Drive Through Jackie Robinson Parkway

Jackie Robinson Parkway is a scenic route that passes through Highland Park. As you learn to drive, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the park and the surrounding areas.

2. Visit the Recreation Centers

Highland Park offers several recreation centers that provide a range of activities to enjoy. You can take a break from driving and engage in activities such as basketball, tennis, and swimming.

3. Enjoy the Hiking Trails

Highland Park offers several hiking trails, allowing you to explore the park and enjoy its natural beauty. As you learn to drive, you can also take a break and go for a hike

In conclusion, you can enjoy a range of exciting experiences while improving your driving skills in Highland Park. So, put on your seatbelt, start your engine, and explore Highland Park.

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