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5 Hour Driving Course

Build your confidence behind the wheel with the help of experienced instructors in a 5-hour driving course.

Schedule a Road Test Appointment

Take the next step in your driving journey by scheduling a road test appointment in Fort Greene.

Get Personalized Driving Instruction

Get a personalized approach to learning how to drive, helping you achieve your goal of getting a driver's license more quickly.

Road Test Sites Near Fort Greene

1. Red Hook 

Location – On Bay Street – Between Hicks Street and Henry Street; Facing Henry Street Red Hook, NY 11231

Directions – Take Atlantic Ave towards Flatbush Ave. Turn right onto Flatbush Ave and continue onto 4th Ave. Turn left onto 9th St and then left again onto 5th Ave. Red Hook on the Road will be on your right.

2. Starrett City 

Location – On Flatlands Avenue – Between Pennsylvania Avenue and Van Siclen Avenue facing Van Siclen Avenue Starrett City, NY 11239

Directions – Take Atlantic Ave towards Pennsylvania Ave. Turn right onto Pennsylvania Ave and continue onto Flatlands Ave. Turn right onto Van Siclen Ave. The road test site will be on your right.


Why Pierre Paul Driving School?

1. Multilingual Instruction

The school provides instruction in multiple languages as English, French, Creole, and Spanish.

2. Schedule Road Test

They take away the hassle of booking the road test and finding a car by scheduling the test for you and providing a vehicle for the test.

3. Exceptional Behind-the-Wheel Skills

The school teaches teens and adults exceptional behind-the-wheel skills, which help them become safe, confident, and collision-free drivers.

The Untold Benefits of Taking Driving Lessons in Fort Greene

Fort Greene has no shortage of exciting experiences, from historic landmarks to trendy restaurants.

1. Visit the Iconic Brooklyn Navy Yard

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is an iconic landmark that’s steeped in history. You can easily explore this fascinating complex and learn about its past and present with a car.

2. Experience the Arts at BAM

driving lessons in Fort Greene

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Brooklyn Academy of Music is one city’s premier cultural institutions. Driving in the streets, you can easily access BAM and explore the surrounding area, home to a vibrant arts scene.

3. Visit the Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum is home to an impressive collection of art and artifacts. As a driving student, you can go to the museum and spend a day immersing yourself in its vast and diverse history.

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