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Road Test Sites In Flatlands

1. Starrett City Road Test Site

Location On Flatlands Avenue, between Pennsylvania Avenue and Van Siclen Avenue, facing Van Siclen Avenue in Starrett City, NY 11239.

Directions -Take the Belt Parkway to Pennsylvania Avenue. Stay on Pennsylvania Avenue until you reach Flatlands Avenue, then turn right. The road test area is located between Van Siclen and Pennsylvania Avenues.

2. Coney Island Road Test Site


Location: Bayview Avenue, between Neptune Avenue and West 33rd Street, facing West 33rd Street in Brooklyn, NY 11224.

Directions: Exit the Belt Parkway at Cropsey Avenue and head south. Turn right on Neptune Avenue, then make another right turn onto Bayview Avenue.


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1. Years of Experience

Pierre Paul Driving School serves as one of Brooklyn’s premier driving schools, with years of experience. 

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Parents, teenagers, and adults all put their trust in our fully accredited driving school to teach them how to drive safely and courteously.

3. We Have Qualified Driving Instructors.

Our qualified driving instructors are renowned for putting even the most anxious learners at ease since they are incredibly accommodating and take their time to determine precisely where you require help.

4. We Offer a Detailed 5-Hour Pre-licensing Course.

We provide a 5-hour pre-licensing course and behind-the-wheel instruction so that students can simulate the road test.

Flatlands Spots to Explore After Acquiring a Driver’s License

In New York City’s borough of Brooklyn, in the southeast, sits the neighborhood known as Flatlands. 

driving lessons in Flatlands

Source: Wikimedia

Among the most exciting locations in Flatland, the ones listed below are worth your evening, weekend or any other day road trip.

1. Hendrick I. Lott House

Between Fillmore Street and Avenue S, at 1940 E 36th Street in Marine Park, Flatlands, New York, stands the Hendrick Lott House, a historic house. 

Lott House, one of the earliest Dutch Colonial homes in Brooklyn, is a landmark in New York City and is recognized on the National Registry of Historic Places.

2. Amersfoort Park

A stunning park right in the middle of a typical Brooklyn street. There is plenty of room to sit and unwind in the garden, which is open throughout the night and is typically empty or sparsely populated.

If you’re nearby, check out the exciting rock in the center of the park with historical references.

3. Dutch Reformed Church

A historical Dutch Reformed congregation, also referred to as Flatlands Lutheran Church, is located at the intersection of Kings Highway and E 40th Street in Brooklyn, New York’s Flatlands neighborhood.

4. Fox Playground

Lounging areas, playgrounds, handball courts, and comfort stations are very well-kept. A wonderful, well-maintained park, a great place to read, picnic, or relax and talk.

5. Mcdonalds

McDonald’s is fast food wherever you go, but this one is Special from all the others closer to Marine Park or Kings Plaza on Flatbush Ave.

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