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Road Test Sites In East New York

1. Starrett City Road Test Site

Location: Van Siclen Ave, Flatlands Ave, New York 11207

Directions: From Pennsylvania avenue, drive to flatlands Avenue. Make the first right turn to Van Siclen Avenue. Turn right to Vandalia Avenue; the entrance is along this road.

2. Schenectady Avenue Road Test Site

Location: 1087 Schenectady Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11203

Directions: Drive on Beverly road to 1097-1065 E 47th Street, near Little Caribbean.

3. Ridgewood DMV Road test site

Location: 19-06 Stanhope St, Queens, NY 11385

Directions: Drive to Stanhope Street, right at the intersection with Woodward Avenue.

Why Enroll with Pierre Paul Driving School?

We are a premier driving school committed to proper driver education. Below are the benefits you enjoy by joining us:

Professional Instructors

Here at Pierre Paul driving school, we have a team of DMV-Certified instructors to facilitate and guide you through your learning process professionally.

They work tirelessly with in-depth driving knowledge and expertise to give you the best possible learning experience.

Flexible Lesson Timings

At Pierre Paul driving school, you choose when to attend classes not because we are relaxed but to allow you to show up for learning when you are comfortable and available.

Tying learners to fixed schedules inconveniences them, so we decided on flexible lesson timings to have happy students. We have ever ready instructors to train and ensure all learners achieve their goal of becoming qualified drivers.

Comprehensive Driving Lessons

We have the latest learning materials, modules, and technology to provide the comprehensive driving lessons that today’s roads require. Learn from the best and become the best; that is how it goes, right?

Vibrant East New York Spots Worth a Ride 

East New York is full of vibrant spots that are definitely worth checking out after completing your driving lessons and decide to hit the road. Here are a few that are sure to put a smile on your face:

1. Linden Boulevard

This street is a true testament to East New York’s hustle and bustle. With its bustling shops and street vendors, it’s like a never-ending street fair. Make sure to keep an eye out for the famous Linden Boulevard Rotisserie, where you can grab a delicious bite while taking in the sights.

2. Jackie Robinson Playground

Named after the legendary baseball player, this park is a great place to take a break from the road and enjoy some fresh air. From basketball courts to a swimming pool, there’s something for everyone. Plus, you might even see some locals playing stickball – a nod to East New York’s rich history.

3. Brooklyn-Queens Greenway

driving lessons in East New York

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Take a leisurely drive along this scenic route for some stunning views of the city. With its lush trees and open spaces, it’s the perfect place to escape the chaos of the city and enjoy a peaceful drive.

4. Starlight Park

This hidden gem is a great place to take a drive and soak up some nature. With its picturesque lake and walking trails, it’s a great place to stretch your legs and get some exercise. Just don’t forget to keep an eye out for the resident swans – they’re quite the sight to see!

So hit the road and explore all the vibrant spots East New York has to offer. Who knows, you might even have a little fun along the way!

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