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Road Test Sites Near Bushwick

1. DMV Road Test at Maspeth

Location: 50th Street – Between 55th Ave and 56th Rd – Facing south toward 56th Rd Maspeth, NY 11378

Directions: Get on Linden Street to Metropolitan Avenue in Queens. Turn right onto Metropolitan Avenue. Take 59th Pl to Rust Street. Continue on Rust Street to 50th Street. Continue on 50th Street and drive to 55th Avenue.

2. Ozone Park

Location: On 84th St between 108th Ave and 106th Ave Ozone Park, NY 11417

Directions: Take Wilson Avenue and Cypress Avenue to Euclid Avenue. Continue straight onto Euclid Avenue. Continue on Ridgewood Avenue to Queens. Slight right onto 80th Street and turn left onto Liberty Avenue. Turn right onto 84th Street, and the test site will be on the right.

3. Kissena Park

LocationKissena Park at 164th Street between Underhill Avenue and Booth Memorial Avenue. Cars should line up facing Underhill Avenue. Kissena Park, NY 11365

Directions — Take College Point Blvd. Turn left onto Booth Memorial Avenue. Continue on Booth Memorial Avenue until you reach 164th Street. Turn left onto 164th Street. The road test line will be on your right side, facing Underhill Avenue.

Why Join Pierre Paul Driving School in Bushwick?

We are a leading driving school in New York with 13 years of experience training learners to be safe and responsible drivers.

We offer the 5-hour pre-licensing course online. The class is thorough and interactive, covering all areas necessary before you undertake your road test.

Our qualified, experienced, and friendly instructor team is ready to help you pass your road test and become a quality driver.

We are a multilingual driving school, teaching English, Spanish, Creole, and French learners. Our instructors will guide you if you speak any of these languages.

About Driving in Bushwick

Bushwick is increasingly hip and edgy and continues to attract and impress with its fashion trends, cutting-edge art, and buzzy eateries, making it ideal for a drive out.

The area has a lovely dense urban feel, with a good mixture of cultures and people. There are many cool dive bars with rooftop music events and a spectacular Manhattan skyline view. Taking our driving lessons in Bushwick lets you cruise through these spots with ease.

driving lessons Bushwick Brooklyn

Photo by Mike Steele

You can get a walking tour of the Bushwick Street Art and marvel at the largest outdoor art gallery in New York. You’ll learn a lot from the graffiti artists and the stories behind their art on the walls.

Situated at 383 Troutman Street on Graffiti Alley is the theatre XIV by Company XIV. Take a leisurely drive here and enjoy marvelous burlesque performances with immersive cocktails and champagne to heighten the experience.

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