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5 Hour Driving Course

Learn driving safety via zoom within 5-hours in Pierre Paul Driving School

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What are you waiting for? Schedule your road test appointment in Beverley Squares and start your driving adventure today!

Get Personalized Driving Instruction

We ensure you are only directed to go on more challenging routes when you are properly prepared by taking little steps.

Road Test Sites Near Beverley Squares

1. Coney Island Auto Road Test

Bayview Avenue – Between Neptune Avenue and West 33rd Street. Facing West 33rd Street Brooklyn, NY 11224

2. Fox Hills Auto Road Test

North side of Mosel Avenue, facing Pierce Street, Staten Island, NY 10301


Why Enroll With Pierre Paul Driving School

1. Qualified Trainers

Since they are so patient and take their time figuring out exactly where you need assistance, our highly experienced driving instructors are known for their ability to calm even the most apprehensive trainees.

We provide everything from classroom education to test drive simulation on top of our practical road test driving. 

2. Benefit from Online Course

We provide driving classes to ensure you are comfortable and safe driving. Regardless of your level of driving experience, our instructors are courteous and patient and will help you achieve driving success.

3. Guaranteed Passing Your Road Test

97 out of 100 pupils who receive our training pass the road test for the first time! We provide a learning atmosphere that is patient, courteous, secure, neat, and communicative. 

This promotes the maximum amount of learning throughout each session. You won’t regret taking any of our lessons in Beverley Squares driving school, we promise.

About Driving in Beverley Squares

Visit the downtown area to check out museums, shops, or that next tasty lunch. At the restaurant, you’ve heard about, a delicious five-course dinner? 

driving lessons in Beverley Squares


Or perhaps you’d like to sit in one of the town’s many cafés and read the newspaper while drinking hot coffee. 

You can watch a performance at the theater or simply stroll down the main street while people-watching. 

Discover the smaller border towns and cities, and learn about their histories when driving yourself around.

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Our driving package will give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed on the road!