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Road Test Sites In Bensonhurst

1. Seaview Road Test Site

Location: East 104th Street and Seaview Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11236


  1. Use the belt parkway to arrive at the Rockaway Parkway exit.
  2. Go north to Seaview Avenue, staying on Rockaway parkway.
  3. Turn right and stop before East 104th street. 

2. Coney Island

Location: Bayview Avenue, between West 33rd Street and Neptune Avenue, NY 11224


  1. Find your way to the belt Parkway and exit at Cropsey Avenue.
  2. Drive South until Neptune Avenue, where you will make a right turn. 
  3. Make another right turn to Bayview Avenue.

Why Take Driving Lessons with Pierre Paul Driving School?

1. Dedicated instructors: The driving instructors at Pierre Paul driving are dedicated to helping you pass your test and become a responsible driver. You get personalized guidance and attention to ensure your training is fun and effective.

2. Flexible pick-up and drop-off hours: Pierre Paul has a very flexible schedule compared to other driving schools. We can pick up students from 7 AM and drop them off until 11 PM. This is because of our team of dedicated instructors who are ever in their positions.

3. We offer cars for training and road test: You don’t have access to a car, no problem. We have a fleet of modern vehicles to give you the best driving experience. Plus, our cars have safety features to make your practice lessons hassle-free.

Flexible lesson schedules: Our flexible driving lessons are tailored to suit your schedule. The idea is to allow you show up for lessons when you feel ready and relaxed.

Places to Explore After Mastering Driving Lessons In Bensonhurst

Bensonhurst is a buzzing residential neighborhood in New York with many incredible places you can drive to and have memorable experiences. Here are some of them.

1. Statue House

There is no place like the Bensonhurst statue house – a private home on 85th street between 20th and 21st avenues. Drive here in your free time, and you will be amazed once you see the cut-out figures of pop culture artists standing guard.

Batman guards the foot of the driveway, Frankenstein and Dracula watch apprehensively from above the garage, and superman flies from the second floor of a balcony, among many other artistic creations.

2. Bensonhurst Park

If you want a place to cool off some steam from the hectic pace of Brooklyn, go for a walk in Bensonhurst Park and enjoy the serene environment.

The park features several basketball courts and a large playground to exercise. You can also find a bathroom in the park.

3. Iconic Restaurants

driving lessons in Bensonhurst


Bensonhurst has a deep culture and history that has created many iconic restaurants. The neighborhood was originally an enclave of Jewish and Italian descent but has grown in diversity over the last 30 years.

The cultural background shaped a myriad of authentic restaurants you can visit. Get traditional Chinese food at Hand Pull Noodle and Dumpling House. The EL TOLOLOCHE on 16th avenue is a fine Mexican restaurant.


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