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Are you scared of driving either because it’s your first time or a previous occurrence made you leave your driving lessons, and you feel like you need a driving instructor for anxiety?

Most people with accidents and other bad experiences on the road may experience panic attacks and hence need an instructor to help.

The best part is you can always find an instructor who understands you and will help you overcome driving anxiety, and soon you will enjoy every moment behind the wheel.

Learn more about driving anxiety and how a driving instructor can help.

1. Being Patient with You Until You Master the Skill

driving instructor anxiety


A good driving instructor will be patient enough with all your mistakes to ensure you have what it takes to overcome your anxiety. They understand that you learn through mistakes and correct you calmly so you won’t repeat the same mistake.

Additionally, your instructor shouldn’t overreact or get angry when you make mistakes; some will even ask you to schedule an additional session to ensure you have captured every detail.

A patient instructor won’t distract you when on the wheel by shouting at you; they will give every detail whenever you ask questions. You will feel comfortable around your instructor, and with time you will overcome the anxiety.

2. Instill Your Confidence

how to overcome driving anxiety


When struggling with anxiety, the instructor will help you build your confidence on the road when driving, and soon you will get used to it. 

The instructor will start by helping you handle simple situations, like taking you to less busy roads and scheduling your session when the road is less busy. They will gradually introduce you to busier roads where you can make more advanced moves.

The instructor also ensures that you practice in safe areas since any occurrence, like attacks by burglars when driving on a dangerous street, may make you dread your driving lessons.

3. Providing Helpful Tips

I am sure you plan to get an experienced instructor to take you through your lessons to overcome anxiety. With their experience, the instructors have helpful tips that will help you overcome anxiety and see driving in a positive dimension.

Some tips include helping you to handle emerging situations like driving in the rain and handling other drivers who may get rude in a way that won’t trigger your emotions.

Ensure you follow all helpful ideas for an easy time on the road.

4. They Can Work with Different Personalities

Don’t panic about your car driving fear. An experienced instructor has worked with different personalities, and yours won’t prove hard on them. The instructors can handle fast and slow learners.

Instructors can tailor the lesson to suit everyone, where you will learn at your pace and feel comfortable being behind the wheel. Listen to the instructions for an easier time.

Good communication helps them handle every individual where positive engagement in the driving classes motivates the student to do better, plus the instructor is happy when you get the concept.

Your instructor can introduce more learning styles to ensure you capture everything, including demonstrations and verbal directions.

5. They Help You with Stress Management Techniques

Apart from providing you with helpful tips and ensuring you get the skill. A good instructor for anxiety will notice what triggers anxiety and help you with techniques to manage it.

The instructor can ask you to take a day off when they feel that you are overwhelmed. Some can even recommend therapy and breathing exercises to help you overcome anxiety for a comfortable driving session.

Some instructors will help you face reality, and for example, if your greatest fear is driving on a bridge or a sloped area, they will take you there after some driving lessons and can demonstrate that it isn’t a big deal to drive on in that area and you can’t keep avoiding it.

6. Addressing Gaps in Your Knowledge

You may develop driving anxiety due to some steps you missed during your driving lessons or even forgetting to exercise them. An instructor for anxiety will find out if you have a knowledge gap of road and traffic rules or safety tips.

They ensure you understand all concepts better and overcome your fear with more practice. Some can recommend that you take a defensive driving course to build your confidence on the road.

Embrace the corrections and recommendations positively, and you will have an easy time on the road by the end of your lessons.

Can I Change my Driving Instructor? 

Everyone learns differently, and you realize that the instructor isn’t meeting your expectations in helping you overcome your driving anxiety. Feel free to change your instructor. It’s allowed.

Please do it politely, and it would be best if you shared your concerns with them before reaching out to another. Be honest with your concerns and thank them for the effort.

Should I Drive When I Have Anxiety?

should I drive when I have anxiety


It’s not a crime to drive when anxious, but it’s good to avoid it since you can get risky physical responses like shaking, panic attacks, and fainting, which are dangerous when you are on the road.

Drive when you feel calm to have control over the vehicle, and you will maneuver easily without the risk of colliding.

Can I Get Driving Lessons for Mental Health?

Mental health issues bring about some driving anxiety, and you can consider taking the Driver Rehabilitation Program, which assesses if you are fit for the road.

The occupational therapist assesses your driving ability, well-being, and psychological fitness.

What Can I Take for Driving Anxiety?

what can i take for driving anxiety


There are medications you can take to help you cope with driving anxiety. You can also include meals low in magnesium, such as Swiss chard, spinach, and other legumes, in your diet to help ease anxiety.

Take foods rich in zinc, such as oysters, egg yolks, liver, and beef. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids also help in coping with anxiety.

Final Thoughts 

If you are struggling with driving anxiety, it’s time you get a driving instructor to help you overcome it by instilling confidence and providing helpful tips when behind the wheel.

When looking for a driving instructor for anxiety, consider the instructors from our driving school. They are well experienced and have handled different personalities, and it will be easier for them to take you through your driving lessons to overcome anxiety.