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Driving in bright sunlight is a common challenge that many car owners face. It is said that a considerable proportion of accidents that occur early in the morning or late in the afternoon have been linked to bright sunlight. In addition, the radiating heat can harm the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

You may want to adopt some significant preventive steps to avoid paying for an expensive auto repair or getting into a fatal accident. 

In this post, we’ll go over some tips that will help keep you and your car safe while driving in the heat.

Tips to Help You While Driving in Bright Sunlight

1. Purchase Sunglasses

Sunglasses significantly lower the amount of intense sunlight that enters your eyes, therefore shielding your eyes from dangerous UV rays. To be ready for bright driving conditions, get a trendy pair of glasses and take them with you every time in your car.

2. Put Your Visors on

One of the best ways of blocking sunlight is with a sun visor. The majority of cars come with sun visors. Many visors may be adjusted to block light from both the right and left side windows and the front windshield. All visors are made to prevent obstructing the driver’s vision.

3. Wait Until the Sun Relocates

If intense sunlight starts to strain your eyes or otherwise interferes with your ability to drive, locate a safe spot to pull over.

Before proceeding to your target location, wait for about ten minutes till the sun repositions.

4. Avoid Driving While the Sun is at its Brightest

Most drivers cannot escape this challenging condition because sunlight is frequently at its strongest during peak hour traffic times. However, if you wouldn’t need to drive in the bright sun, wait for some time till the sun has fully risen or set before beginning your trip.

5. Leave Enough Space between Other Cars while Driving

Your sight and reaction speed are significantly reduced by bright light. It’s challenging to see what’s happening in front of you whenever the sun is squarely in your face. Turn on your headlights as you drive to increase your visibility to approaching traffic and vehicles coming from behind.

6. Become a Better Defensive Driver

When driving in bright sunlight, it’s essential to use safe defensive driving techniques. Defensive driving entails:

7. Get Your Car Windows Tinted

driving in bright sunlight

With several hundred dollars, specialty auto repair firms will tint your glass. The tint is applied by covering your windows with a thin plastic film.

This film will block a certain proportion of the sun’s rays from entering your car. Also, ensure you study the regulations of window tinting in your state (In some states, excessively darkened car windows will result in traffic tickets.)

8. Always Keep Essential Safety Items in Your Car

Keep the following safety things in your car in case of emergency to stay safe while driving in strong sunlight:

9. Watch Out For Holiday Traffic and Holiday Drivers

People frequently take vacations or leisurely drives whenever the sun is shining. Therefore, traffic might be heavy whenever the sun is out, and individuals may drive carelessly or recklessly.

Take extra precautions and never depend on other drivers to act morally during these times to keep you and your passengers safe.

Even when traveling in pleasant weather, be prepared for anything.

10. Check Whether Your Car is ready for Hot Weather

driving in bright sunlight

Make sure your car is equipped for harsh weather if you plan to drive in a hot, sunny environment. 

11. Use Sun Protection on Your Skin

Burning from the sun’s rays can hurt and have negative health effects. While driving in the sun, shield your skin by wearing a hat, long sleeves, or sunscreen. This is crucial if you’re operating a motorcycle or a convertible car.

Keep in mind that even though you are slightly burning, the wind might make you feel cool.

Tips for Preserving the Interior of Your Car in the Heat

1. Avoid parking your car in direct sunlight. Make sure it is seated in a shaded area to prevent drying out and cracking.

2. To keep your vehicle cool and protect it from sun damage, use windshield sun protection.

3. Frequently use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the dashboard. Scratches can develop due to dirt and dust accumulation and get worse over time.

4. To safeguard the leather or fabric, utilize seat covers. Additionally, the coverings can keep the chairs cool.

5. Apply the proper conditioner to leather car seats. In the heat, this will prevent the fabric from tearing and splitting.

Tips for Preserving the Exterior of Your Car in the Heat

1. Remember that the light and heat might cause the paint to fade and crack. Therefore, clean and dry your vehicle frequently. You can prevent minor scratches that dull the vehicle’s paint by removing the dust particles.

2. To shield the paint from UV rays, wax your car regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I block sunlight from my face when I’m driving?

Adopt applying sunscreen to your face, arms, and neck before driving by keeping one in your vehicle with an SPF of 15 or higher. 

Broad-spectrum sunscreen shields you from UVA and UVB radiation more effectively than other sunscreen formulations. Be sure to reapply after every three hours.

Which color will best protect you from the sun?

Compared to brighter colors like pastels and white, darker colors retain more UV radiation. As a result, your skin is less likely to be exposed to UV radiation. However, vibrant hues like red can take in UV radiation. 

A yellow cloth is much more effective than a dull one because the more intense the color, the better the protection.

Do car windows block vitamin D?

Almost all commercial and automotive glass is UVB-blocking. As a result, even if a large amount of UVA radiation passes through the glass and can be damaging, you won’t be able to enhance your vitamin D status by sitting near a sunny window.

Final Word

Even when you’re driving in bright sunlight, there are various ways to protect yourself and your car. 

These measures run from wearing sunglasses to using sunscreen to protect your skin

Hopefully, the tips mentioned above significantly help make your cruises easier throughout summer.