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Teen drivers between 15 and 19 comprise approximately 4% of all drivers.

Besides, May and June are when most teen fatalities occur, meaning summertime is the riskiest time for teens to be on our roads.

Teens have more crashes than average, mainly due to their inexperience. Combine this inexperience with rebellion, peer pressure, etc. and you have a recipe for trouble. That is why you should enroll them in driver’s education for teens lessons.

Parents can’t prevent every mistake or poor decision by their teens. That’s why they must get the best preparation they can before driving. Learning healthy habits is critical for good driving. Only a professional driver can reliably prepare them for the road.

Here are some reasons why you should enroll them in a professional driving school in Brooklyn for teen lessons.

Wisdom That Stays With Them

An experienced driver has built up a library of knowledge from years of driving. The little things like double-tapping brakes to warn drivers of abrupt stops are difference-makers. Anyone can teach you how to drive, but professional drivers go beyond the basics.

Teens that learn how to drive from professional drivers are more likely to absorb their lessons. It’s not that they don’t respect those close to them, it’s that they are a neutral party without biases. They’re more likely to remember nuggets of wisdom, especially if it helps them pass their test more easily.

Personalized Lessons

Family and school-appointed driving lessons don’t have the flexibility that a professional service does. Driver’s lessons follow a course, but the driver determines how much you need to work in each area. Teens feel the pressure of having to pass tests, the last thing they need is another by-the-book lesson plan.

State Requirements

32 states require driver’s ed for a teen to get their license. They can choose to do it at school or with a private business. The trade-off for doing it during school is that they will have to forfeit an elective class to do it.

The semester that your teen uses to take driver’s ed could have gone towards an elective in the arts they would otherwise miss. It’s something worth considering if you live in a state that has that requirement.

Challenges Behind the Wheel

If there’s one thing that professional driving instructors are unlikely to do it’s babying the driver. Tough love is necessary when it comes to handling a 3,000-pound machine at high speeds. No matter how cute or meek the driver is, professional instructors, know they can’t gloss over major inadequacies.

They are invested in producing safe drivers on the road. Plus, their own lives are still at risk if the teen drives recklessly without correction. If the instructor does a poor job at teaching their students, they have a boss to answer to.

It is in everyone’s best interest to make sure the student driver understands the stakes at hand while on the road.

Ace the Road Test

What do teens want the most from taking driving lessons? To pass their test and never look back. Unlike their family or friends, a professional driving instructor will know exactly how to pass the road test.

This is what they do all day. You’re going to get lessons on how to be a great driver, yes, but you’ll also know exactly what the DMV is looking for. In most cases, you’ll take the road test with the driving company itself.

It’s also not uncommon to take the test with the same person who instructed you how to drive. This gives teens even more comfort during their road test. Test anxiety is a real obstacle for teen drivers, and a driver’s ed company can make a difference.

Confidence and Awareness

There’s a big difference between driving cocky and driving confidently. This is one of the pillars of driving for beginners. Having confidence while on the road will mean less second-guessing and better defensive driving.

Being able to identify trouble on the road and having the foresight to avoid it is very important for new drivers. Confidence will also mean fewer mistakes when surrounded by distractions. Think of how easily distracted teenagers get when in the presence of their peers.

Those who aren’t at the wheel won’t understand the amount of awareness is needed to avoid accidents. Professional driver’s education will provide a level of security for a teenager that is desperately needed on the road

Lower Insurance Rates

A non-trivial aspect of investing in professional driver’s ed, such as the 5-hour course is the certificate of completion. Show this certificate to any major auto insurance company and they’ll offer a discount and lower rates. Teen drivers are the highest-risk demographic, which means the highest insurance rates.

Teen drivers can raise premiums on their parent’s insurance by over 200%. A certified driver’s ed certificate can provide a flat discount of at least 5% for new drivers. That may not sound like a lot, but when you’re looking at thousands in annual insurance costs, that’s hundreds in savings.

Plus, teen drivers with wisdom obtained from said courses who go years without any incidents save even more and qualify for more discounts.

Invest in Driver’s Education Now

Many of us can relate to the fear of driving as a teen. Some teenagers are better at hiding it, but once they hit that road, it’s another story. You want to equip your teenager with the means to handle the pressure that comes with driving a vehicle. Driver’s ed at school isn’t always the best environment to learn all the skills needed to drive confidently, and defensively.

Enroll your teen into our driving program, made specifically for young drivers. We’ll make sure that no one is left behind, where they are free from ridicule or distractions. After taking one of our driver’s education for teen courses, they’ll finally feel confident enough to pass the test and avoid becoming another statistic.

Your child is worth the investment and we are invested in seeing your teenager become a safe and responsible driver on the road. Contact us today to learn about our personalized driving lessons.