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It may well work in your favor if you strike the right relationship with your driving test examiner. You should make attempts to be nice, saying the right things, even if you sense the examiner is not the friendly or smiling type. So what are the things not to say to the DMV test examiner? Let’s find out

But, in your eagerness to have the conversation going, you might end up just spoiling everything by a slip of the tongue or deliberately saying something you believe is in order but is not.

To save yourself from making out-of-place statements, you should have a mental checklist of the things not to say to the DMV test examiner. They are the things that might make the driving test examiner look at you in a negative light.

The following are some of the inappropriate stuff some test candidates have spoken during a road to the examiners (please don’t say these 6 things to your driving examiner):

1. Why Did You Choose This Job?

There is nothing wrong with the question; the real problem could be with the context and place. When out of the blue, you suddenly ask, “why did you choose this job?” it sounds more like a mockery than a desire to learn more about the examiner. It is open to misinterpretation.

It would help if you did not ask anyone you hardly know well why they chose that career path the moment they are serving you. This sounds like sarcasm, especially if it’s the kind of job one doesn’t need to overstretch to get.

Moreover, it is not really a bad thing to be a driving test examiner, but it could be the person had initially wanted to be a pilot or a senator but failed to realize his/her dreams for one reason or the other. Asking why they chose that job might bring back sad, unpleasant memories and negative feelings.

If you are genuinely interested in that kind of job, you should preface your question with something like, “I am really interested in being a road test examiner. Why did you choose this job, and what do you like most about it?”

2. I Don’t Like Your Hair-Cut

Things not to say to the DMV test examiner

Some driving test candidates go out of their way to point out something they do not like about the examiner’s hairstyle. Whether you intend for it to be funny or not, desist from it. You are putting them down and insulting them, and it’s not appropriate.

The driving test examiners have your potential pass or potential driving license in their hands. Why should you insult them? If you are always funny, why not hold on until after the test?

You never know how some people retaliate when you throw offensive words at them. Some simply ruin your plans to get even.

3. I Didn’t Mean To Hit That Car Last Week

Whatever driving mistakes you made prior to the driving test, keep them to yourself. You are now taking the driving test, a session that does not include making confessions. The examiner is there to test your driving skills, not record your mistakes.

Assume you are the examiner and a test candidate tells you about a car he hit last week.

First, you are going to wonder if you will be safe seated on the passenger’s seat being driven by a person who caused an accident last week. Another thought that is likely to cross your mind is if the candidate doesn’t deserve a driving license.

With such misgivings already in your mind during the test, you will likely blow out of proportion every mistake the candidate makes during the test because the mistakes confirm his own confessions.

4. Can I Turn The Radio On?

Things not to say to the DMV test examiner

It may be the time for your favorite radio program, which you usually never like to miss regardless of where you are, but then today is an unusual day. There is nothing wrong with listening to the radio as you drive; a car has a radio so that its occupants can listen to the programs.

But you must not ask to turn the radio on during a driving test. That is rude, and the examiner will dislike you. As a test candidate, you should impress upon the examiner that you do not want to be distracted.

You want to get the instructions and follow them. Again, listening to the radio while driving is something you should do once you become an experienced driver.

5. I Know I’m Going To Pass The Test

You could be the best driver in the world, but try not to sound boastful to an examiner she/he can decide to prove you wrong if only to humiliate you.

They have nothing to lose, by the way. Unfortunately, some people failed the test merely because an irritated, reactive examiner wanted to teach them a humility lesson.

When you prophesy that you will pass the test, you insinuate that if you fail, the mistake is not yours, but the examiners! You pre-emptively put him in a corner so that they just have to give you a pass.

That is manipulative. You should simply assure the examiner that you prepared well for the test, and so he should not be reluctant to ask you to demonstrate anything. This is one of the things not to say to the DMV test examiner. He will roast you.

6. Hold On Because This Is Going To Be Wild

Things not to say to the DMV test examiner

Some people have confidently warned their test examiners that the driving is going to be wild. Why should you promise trouble to the very person who determines if you get or do not get a driving license?

If you are a sensible examiner, you may have to excuse yourself and hurriedly leave the car for your safety.

Again, you may be cracking a joke to that effect, only for the ride to turn out wild.

My friend this is the last thing you want to do. These are things not to say to the DMV test examiner.

Wrap Up

The road test examiners are there to evaluate your driving skills and award you the points based on their judgment, which is final. While your words or character should not get in the way of their evaluation, sometimes it does.

Remember, they are humans just like you, so they will not always be ignoring unbecoming comments. You will hear a disappointed person who failed a driving test say in some online forum, “I did everything right, I made no mistake, but the cold-hearted examiner still denied me a pass…”

You could be a good driver, but then your words or poor interaction skills put them off so that they found it difficult to overlook any minor mistake you made during the test. If you cannot control your words, try to keep quiet.

At Pierre Paul Driving School, we teach you not just how to drive safely but also how you should behave to have it easy during the test. Get in touch with us today and learn to drive and to speak the right things at the right time.