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Why do I have to take drivers’ Ed if I am 18? We got the answer to that.

New drivers under the age of 18 are required by the state of New York to complete a 5-hour driver education course (pre-licensing course). The course has a standardized curriculum with lessons on New York driving laws and safe driving habits.

It’s offered by DMV-licensed providers, high schools, colleges as well as commercial driving schools in New York. Learners can take the course from licensed institutions in their local area.

Why Should I take the Drivers Ed Course?

The drivers’ ed course is a mandatory requirement for new drivers under 18 and living in New York. It is an excellent resource for those who are preparing for their driving test.

teens looking for driver ed classes in NY should consider the pre-licensing course

For some, the mere thought of being instructed to parallel park during the road test sends chills through their spine. So if you are searching online for ‘driver ed classes near me,’ you should go for it right away.

Even driving instructors know that a split second on nervousness during your road exam can cost you a chance to be a licensed driver. That’s why they dedicate their time to train you and teach you how to be confident behind the wheel.

Here’s what you gain from the drivers ed course;

The pre-licensing education course comprises 5 hours of DMV-designed lessons on safe driving. All new drivers must complete the course or a New York State-approved driver education course before booking their driving test. The course will furnish them with the basic rules of the road, defensive driving skills, principles of safe driving, and other factors related to driving.

The drivers ed course is designed to help you keep safe while on the road. The rates of accidents caused by teenagers are alarming, and with this course, you will learn how to be calm and confident behind the wheel, while paying close attention to the road ahead of you. In a way, you will reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by teenagers.

What Happens After Taking the Driver’s Ed Course in NY

Upon completing your pre-licensing course, you will receive your official DMV Drivers Ed Completion Certificate. This will help you to schedule your written permit test at the DMV. You will get your certificate between 1 and 5 days after completing the program, depending on the institution.

drivers ed course in NY

Scheduling a permit test requires you to book an appointment at the DMV 2-3 months in advance. You can book online or call your local DMV office.

Getting a Learners Permit in New York

A learner’s permit means a lot to any new driver. It’s the one that will get you behind the wheel under the supervision of a licensed driver to practice in preparation for the challenging road test. But before you get excited, you should understand that you have to pass a permit exam first.

After completing your driver ed classes near me, you will definitely be ready for the written test. The education course offers thorough lessons that help to maneuver the complicated scenarios and driving laws questions asked in the permit exam.

The permit test will examine how knowledgeable you are about safe driving techniques, road signs, traffic rules, and laws regarding alcohol and drug use while driving. For you to pass the test, you must answer 14 out of the 20 questions provided. Of the four questions about road signs, you must answer 2 of them correctly. If you do need to retake the test, you have unlimited tries at no extra fee.

There’s also the vision test you may have to take. It requires you to have a 20/40 vision with or without glasses. The DMV assesses the vision test, which is a simple procedure where you cover one eye and read some random letters. This is something you can ace, so don’t fret.

drivers education class in NY

Passing the permit test earns you a learner’s permit. But you may still face certain restrictions such as having a driver with you during your practice and limitations of your practice to daylight hours, among other state-mandated rules. But hey, this is all for your own good.

So let’s delve into the permit restrictions imposed by the DMV;

Now that you have your learners permit in your hands, what’s next for you? Remember, you have six long months before you schedule your road test.

The advantage of having a learner’s permit is that you are allowed to spend time in the driver’s seat for 50 hours under the care of an experienced instructor. This will help you develop your driving skills and get better prepared for the driving license exam. You will have enough time to discuss your concerns and ask questions before you hit the road alone.


A drivers education course is the key to getting your driving license in New York. It provides thorough information and knowledge on everything driving – from traffic signs, laws, and rules, weather and terrain implications, dealing with law enforcers, and much more.

It’s better to take the driver’s Ed driving near you There’s nothing as intriguing as having the power and control behind the steering wheel.

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