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Are you looking to get a New York driver’s license soon? Or Brooklyn road test sites to familiarize yourself during your parctice? don’t worry we got you covered!

Governor Cuomo and the DMV support your aspirations, and their latest news (read surprises) confirm this.

Drum roll, please.

In addition to the online 5 hour driver’s class, you can now take the learner’s permit test from the comfort of your couch.

But that’s not all.

They’ve also launched two more road test locations in Brooklyn, which simply means now you’ve got two more opportunities to pass the road test and start driving better than anyone in your squad.

Let’s dig in.

The DMV has launched an online permit test and two more Brooklyn road test sites. This directive was effected after the governor made it known that the DMV is expanding and modernizing its services to make it easy for people to access their services online.

This pilot program offers the writer learner permit test for Class D (passenger) vehicles and motorcycles (Class M) online. People residing in counties served by DMV NY will also carry out their vehicle registrations online.

This move by the DMV was made to ease congestion and enhance convenience for New Yorkers seeking to book the road test and obtain their driver’s license or access other DMV services.

What A New York Learner’s Permit Is and Who It Is For

A learner’s permit is issued to new drivers still learning the skill. It allows you to drive the car under certain conditions. You’ll only get the driver’s license after you’re of age, and you’ve passed the road test.

A learner’s permit is for those who’ve never driven a car before. It is mandatory for new drivers in New York who are between the ages of 16 and 18. Before applying for a driver’s license, you have to obtain a learner’s permit.

The learner’s permit comes with restrictions for underage drivers. You will be supervised by an adult every time you’re out driving.

Before, one would only get a learner’s permit by applying in-person at the nearest DMV office. They have to study the driver’s manual first, then take the 20-question test. Passing the practice test requires that you pass at least fourteen of the 20 multiple-choice questions.

To sit for the pre-licensing test, you have to bring to the DMV proof of identity, age, and residence. These documents will determine whether you’ll get an enhanced, REAL ID or standard permit.

At the DMV, you have to submit your application and pay the fee before taking the test. The test will evaluate your knowledge of traffic rules, road signs, safe driving techniques, and the laws governing drug and alcohol use while driving. It is intended to prepare you for

 Now the office procedures have been simplified to accommodate online options. This is due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Online Permit Test

The online permit test is still in a pilot phase and only open to select customers who have already made an appointment to apply for their learner permit at a DMV office. If you reserved a date for the exam, you’ll be invited by the DMV to take it online.

The online option is time-saving, as you can take the exam from the convenience of your home. It consists of 50 questions, which will take you between 45 to 60 minutes to complete. If you pass the exam, the DMV will send you further instructions on how to make a reservation at their nearest office on how you’ll get your learner permit.

Getting an appointment to complete the process of getting a learner permit takes about five minutes. You can use the document guide provided by the DMV to ensure you prepare appropriately and have the needed documents before you head to your DMV office.

After passing your online test, you have two years to schedule a DMV appointment and complete you’re your application process. If you are a teenager, your guardian or parent should be there to supervise your test and accompany you to the DMV to complete your application process and verify that you carried out these tasks.

The DMV online permit test is provided in 16 languages, including French, English, Albanian, Spanish, Bosnian, Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Bengali, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian, Polish and Nepali.

Once you have your learner’s permit, you can reserve your road test at the DMV location near you. If you’re under 18, you’ll have to wait for about six months after getting your learner’s permit before scheduling your road test.

What You Can Do With A Learner’s Permit

Once you get your learner’s permit, you’re free to drive your car on highways and public roads as long as a licensed adult will accompany you. The permit allows you to practice driving and get ready for your road test.

You can use your learner’s permit as you would a driver’s license. The only difference is that with a pre-licensing permit, you need to be supervised every time you are driving. The DMV also sets the number of hours you have to practice driving before applying for your license.

But before obtaining your learner’s permit, you’ll first have to prove to the DMV that you understand the traffic, road, and safe driving rules. Passing the test demonstrates that you are a skilled, knowledgeable, and responsible driver.

About the New Road Test Sites

The DMV also unveiled two more Brooklyn road test sites based in the metro New York and Long Island region. Specifically, the new sites include:

Brooklyn road test sites
Beverly Road
Brooklyn Road test sites
Ditmas Park

Thus, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration amended the license skills testing standards for commercial drivers. Based on these standards, the new sites are now following the CDL skill-testing format. 

The commercial driver’s manual has all the elements needed to complete the current skills test successfully. You can find them at the DMV office or online.

On every test site, the DMV NY has given directions on how new drivers can reach the area.


The New York DMV has reevaluated its way of providing efficient services to people without inconveniencing them or endangering their safety and health amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Offering the online permit test option is a boon for New Yorkers who can’t find time to visit the DMV offices to take the test.

Now people can access services online at their convenience, while at the same time allowing the DMV to conduct their in-office services smoothly without much congestion.