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Over 10,000 safe divers are out there in the streets of New York because of our services. Pierre Paul Driving is one of the driving schools in Brooklyn with the highest passing rates in any driving school out there around us.

We offer classes for all ages and cater to students of all skill levels. We have a guaranteed price match against any other driving school and are one of the only schools that give you a whole other free package if you do not pass your test on the first try!

Our student success rate is impeccable, giving us the confidence to provide incredible deals for our new students. We specialise in working with highly nervous people and have very flexible and patient instructors who will take you through every step in your mother tongue!

Pierre Paul Driving School is one of the highest-rated driving schools in New York, and we have the track record to prove it. There are many reasons why we are a clear choice over other driving schools in Brooklyn, but here are the top seven reasons why you should choose Pierre Paul driving school as your instructor:


Why Choose Pierre Paul Driving School?

1. Price

Everybody should be able to afford a good package full of lessons that will serve everything they need to know to pass their driving test safely. For this reason, we have decided to price-match any other driving school out there! Yes, you have heard that right – we guarantee the lowest price compared to any other driving school in Brooklyn, New York.

2. Success Rate

We have a success rate of 97%; this means that amongst all the students who come in to take our lessons, 97 out of every hundred students pass their driving test! This is very high, and we have worked very hard to be able to teach certain students in custom ways that make sense to them right away.

You will leave the lesson knowing exactly how to maneuver the roads, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate. Our instructors are very patient and experts at determining what kind of learner you are when you step in the car.

The instructors are also friendly to the students, making them note our students’ difficulties when driving. They then take them through slowly until they recover and drive to their advantage.

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3. Affordable Driving Lessons

Everybody should be able to afford a good package full of lessons that will serve everything they need to know to pass their driving test safely. For this reason, we have decided to price-match any other driving school out there! Yes, you have heard that right – we guarantee the lowest price compared to any other driving school in Brooklyn, New York.

The lessons are arranged systematically so students can understand more easily and quickly. We have a driving lesson, where we take our students on the road with a qualified instructor and teach them how to drive physically.

4. Specialize in Nervous Students

We genuinely care; at Pierre Paul Driving School, we have sat down with world-class instructors to map out all our students struggle with when passing their driving tests. We have people on board with a unique skill set that deals with very nervous students.

With years of experience, we can convey the rules and regulations of the road seamlessly to even new drivers who have sweaty palms before they walk in. It’s one of the most fulfilling things we have done as a business. By putting our heads together, we have created programs that ensure you feel confident on your test day, no matter how nervous and scared you felt when you first walked in.

5. DMV Certified Instructors

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Our driving instructors are all DMV certified. They have gone through not just paperwork but extensive experience teaching teens and adults of all ages how to drive better on the road. Brooklyn can be a busy place to take a test, and being certified around the area, we have multiple locations where we can take you for your practice rounds.

We have well-maintained vehicles used by our students in their driving lessons. The cars are multiple, allowing students to choose one of their choices.

Our experienced instructor takes you step by step through the lessons and ensures you have gained relevant driving skills to qualify for the tests.

6. Flexible Pick up and Drop-off Hours

We have far more flexibility than any other Brooklyn, New York driving school. We can pick you up and drop you off at the latest.  Students are up as early as 7 AM and drop off as late as 11 PM. We can provide such flexibility because our instructors are dedicated to their positions.

They are very patient and take their time to ensure you understand every point you need to know to pass your test. Whether you live in downtown Brooklyn or near our Business location, we will pick you up and drop you off on time without any hassle.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you reach school and back home safely. The pick-ups also help students learn more about driving because our instructors are always available to point out the road signs, pavement markings, traffic signals, and other road techniques to the students.

7. We Speak Four Languages!

Part of caring about the community and providing services to all walks of life is having our instructors be trained in four languages. Whether you speak English, Spanish, French, or even Creol – our instructors can fluently take care of and patiently teach you how to drive in your mother tongue.

Where Can I Practice Driving in Brooklyn?

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Brooklyn has some best places for you to practice driving. The schools have multiple locations all over Brooklyn, away from the congested streets and heavy traffic.

The areas you can practice driving in Brooklyn include empty parking lots, residential streets, local roads, practice routes, and highways and freeways.

The place to practice driving maneuvers is an empty parking lot to avoid crashing other vehicles and colliding with pedestrians.

By practising in different locations in Brooklyn, our students develop the confidence and skills to become Brooklyn’s capable and safe drivers.

What Are the Best Tips for Passing the Driving Test in Brooklyn?

You should familiarise yourself with the test route to pass your driving test. Before the driving test day, go through the test route and know the ups and downs of the road.

You can use a GPS device to drive around the recommended test area. Furthermore, besides knowing the test route, you should follow the traffic rules like adhering to the speed limits, making a complete stop when you are at a stop sign, and using the car’s turn signals.

Brooklyn Driving School Packages

Brooklyn driving schools offer packages that have different numbers of lessons. The number of lessons you get from a package depends on your driving skills. For beginners, they get a package with more lessons because they need a lot of practice from the instructors.

The packages come with a free car for the road test and road test scheduling; therefore, you don’t need to higher your vehicle.

The packages can be paid In 2 instalments where you can pay half of the price and pay the other later. The instalments are customer friendly because the schools understand students’ pockets.

If you read our reviews on Google, you can see that we have the most consistent and happiest customers around here. Our services are praised and loved by many people who are now responsible drivers out on the roads of New York. Pierre Paul Driving School Driving Lessons is constantly evolving, striving to ensure we bring you and your learning style the best possible service. Give us a call today to find out more!

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