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By the time you go online and start searching for a driving school near me, you’ve decided to acquire top driving skills from the best instructors.

But the results of such a search can overwhelm and confuse you, especially when several driving schools in Brooklyn appear, all claiming to be the best.

So, how do you narrow down your choice? By asking yourself a couple of questions.

Below we answer some commonly asked questions by prospective learners choosing a driving school near them.

1. What Defines a Good Driving School?

We, Pierre Paul Driving School, believe that a good driving school is defined by the quality and character of drivers it manufactures.

With 14+ years of experience, we are a reputable driving school in Brooklyn, NY, driven to create the best out of our learners regardless of age.

This is, of course, not achievable without our team of skilled instructors who are DMV certified. They pay attention to every learner’s struggles and provide every bit of knowledge to see that the learner comes out victorious.

Moreover, when choosing a driving school near you, be sure the state’s Department of Licensing licenses it. The DOL ensures the required standards are met and maintained.

2. What Are the Enrollment Requirements?

To be allowed a learner’s permit in New York, you must be at least 16 years old. Even if you have a permit from a different state, you cannot drive in NY unless you’ve reached 16.

3. What’s the Cost of a Driving School Near Me?

Choosing a driving school near you will partly depend on your budget.

We charge our learners based on the package they choose. The packages are designed differently to suit the different learner’s schedules.

The valuation of our packages corresponds with the top-notch quality of education you will receive here. The idea we have is first to ensure that our learners get the right driving skills rather than just thinking of their money.

4. What’s Your Pass Rate?

We understand and acknowledge that our customers value results more than anything. But one thing for sure is that it’s not entirely up to us to get our learners going from the start to the end of a course.

Learners need to understand that without determination, no driving school can help them. But with will and effort, all you need is a bit of guidance, and are off you go.

Our school aims to create an environment to ensure all new learners succeed and become responsible drivers on the road. We can guarantee you a successful course only if you develop the right attitude. 

We’ve got a 97% pass rate. That shows, for every 100 driving students we train, 97 of those pass their road test (and on their first try!).

5. What Happens If I Fail My Test?

Does choosing the best driving school near me and signing up for classes guarantee that I will pass the road test? Well, not really. You’ll have to be attentive to get the most from the driving lessons so you can pass the driving test.

But, it’s not uncommon for some people to fail the test. However, if you fail a road test in NY, you’re given another chance to retake the course at no cost. A second-attempt failure will require you to pay $10.

A failed test, nevertheless, shouldn’t discourage you. Driving is a skill that is built over time, so don’t let a first challenge weigh you down but use that as a stepping stone. Plus, you can get over the failure and still be the best driver.

6. How Flexible Are Your Schedules?

Before choosing a driving school nearby, you need to know their schedule to avoid being caught up in confusing situations.

Our driving school has well-thought-out schedules that can accommodate almost anyone without inconveniencing them and their schedule.

We offer online classes for learners on a tight schedule; therefore, they can save time by attending class from wherever they are.

7. How Do You Handle Extra Nervous Learners?

First-time drivers tend to be afraid, so when choosing a driving school near you, it is good to know how they treat learners that may be overwhelmed by fear.

At Pierre Paul Driving School, a lot of attention and effort is put towards learners who are extra nervous at the first time driving.

We study nervous students’ behaviors and try to find out the cause of their anxiety. From there, we develop ways to suppress these causes.

Over time, this knowledge has led us to establish a systematic process to pick up on learners’ behavior within 10 minutes of driving. We can then teach them in a unique way designed to suit them best.

8. What Curriculum Does The School Offer?

When choosing a driving school near you, you ought to know that the curriculum adopted in driving schools varies more than you may imagine.

You’ll want to know how many hours you will spend in the classroom, driving, observing, and practicing out of test drives.

You can compare the school’s curriculum with the local state requirements to see differences in regulations. These small, important, but often overlooked details make learners smarter and safer drivers.

Finding a curriculum that works best for you keeps you relaxed and positive throughout your course.

9. What Policies Do You Have?

It is essential to understand the policies that apply when choosing a driving school near you.

Imagine something unavoidable deters you from attending a critical session; you’ll most likely want understanding management to allow you either reschedule or ask for a refund, won’t you?

For that reason, please take a look at the rescheduling and refunds policies of a driving school before choosing it.

10. When Will I Know I Am a Qualified Driver?

In NY, teens should undertake at least 50 hours of supervised driving before taking the road test. Only after your instructor is pleased is when you can proceed with your driver’s test.

If you still feel unsure about the road test, continue with the supervised driving until you get comfortable. After both your instructor and family agree you are sufficiently trained, go on with the road test.

Once you have passed your road test, you can now consider yourself a qualified driver.

Final Word

Getting that license is always exciting and fulfilling, but before that, you have to be trained.

We hope this article has offered satisfactory insights to help in choosing a driving school near you.

At Pierre Paul Driving School, teens and adults love our attention to detail and the overall quality of training we give out.

Contact us today for more information by calling 718-576-6277.