NY parking laws

New York State Parking Laws You Need to Know 2023

As a licensed driver in New York State, you must familiarize yourself with the New York state parking laws. This will definitely help you maneuver the daily urban traffic congestion issues. Even more important for that aspiring driver who wants to know how to parallel park on my driving test in NY. Now that you’re […]

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Who Invented Parallel Parking? (And When)

Have you ever thought of the bright mind behind parallel parking? Brooks Walker invented parallel parking, also known as fifth-wheel driving, in 1950. The idea was to make squeezing in a small parking lot easier. The system started with utilizing the hydraulic pump and the spare tire to guide the car into the parking lot […]

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parallel parking

How to Master Parallel Parking in 2023

Many people go through their daily lives without having to parallel park. You might have a regular parking spot at your home, your place of work, and the businesses you frequent. We’re all subjected to the occasional trip to a big city, however, meaning that we’ll have to try our hands at parallel parking. The […]

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What Are the Correct Parallel Parking Dimensions?

With your new skills in parallel parking, I am sure you are ready for your driving test, and you may be wondering what the correct parallel parking dimensions for a driving test are. In New York, the parking spaces should measure 2.6 by 7.3 meters, but they vary from state to state. Since parallel parking […]

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