Who Invented Parallel Parking? (And When)

Have you ever thought of the bright mind behind parallel parking? Brooks Walker invented parallel parking, also known as fifth-wheel driving, in 1950. The idea was to make squeezing in a small parking lot easier. The system started with utilizing the hydraulic pump and the spare tire to guide the car into the parking lot […]

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Parallel Parking with Cones: A Step-By-Step Guide 2022

Parallel parking with cones is not the easiest maneuver you’ll encounter in driving. You approach the parking place parallel to the car in front of it and then carefully back into it. In this guide, I’ll take you through the whole procedure of parallel and reverse parking with cones. Stay put! How to Parallel Park […]

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driving again after an accident

How to Pull Over to the Left and Right (Video)

Among the important things, you’ll study in a driving class is how to pull over safely. Though it may appear to be simple, it only needs much focus.  Even if you don’t like to pull over, you’ll be surprised to learn that you’ll have to pull over countless times during your driving test. However, practice […]

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