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Some people find driving a complex task, and their fears make it harder to learn how to drive. Personal experiences or triggered anxieties can lead to the fear of driving.

Others feel uncomfortable behind the wheel and can’t get to enroll in their classes. You may not have seen a close friend driving, but with a good instructor, you have every reason to hit the road.

Stick on as we check why some people can’t learn to drive and offer some solution that will make them enjoy every moment behind the wheel.

Why Some People Can’t Get the Hang of Driving

1. Anxiety

can't learn to drive


Many people have dreaded driving classes due to driving anxiety, where they feel uncomfortable behind the wheel. I suffered from the same in my first few driving lessons but hiring a driving instructor for anxiety helped me overcome the feeling.

There are many triggers for anxiety; for example, it may be that your family has a history of driving anxiety, or you had an accident that brought the fear of cars until you can’t take your driving classes. 

2. Lack of Confidence

can't get the hang of driving


My daughter loves riding next to me in the car, and when I ask her to enroll in driving classes, she hesitates. However, since she doesn’t show any signs of anxiety on the road, her lack of confidence to handle driving classes had taken over her, and motivating her helped a lot.

Some people feel like driving cars needs excess concentration to keep up with the right speed, check the traffic signs and control the brakes.

When struggling with confidence, you feel like you are constantly making mistakes, and the situation may get worse if you get scolded during your classes. talking to our instructors about your fear will make you realize that driving is easy.

3. Fear of Enclosed Spaces

If you have a phobia of getting to enclosed places, getting into the car for your driving classes might be difficult. A traumatic experience in childhood and experiences of turbulence can trigger the phobia.

The fear sends some emotional stimuli to your brain, and you tend to feel like you can’t overcome the situation, and you dread your driving classes. The fear makes you think that you can die and brings overwhelming anxiety.

4. Fear of Taking Exams


Taking exams was my worst fear when taking my driving lessons; I even dreaded scheduling road tests due to the fear of failing. Once you allow fear to overwhelm you, it will be hard for you to drive, increasing your chances of failing the test.

With more practice with your instructor, you won’t have trouble. Remember to practice more on the hard part of driving such as parallel parking.

5. Inadequate Training

Training increases your driving confidence and skills, and if you don’t get enough, there are higher chances that you can’t learn to drive. Therefore, it’s best to plan with your instructor when you will be available. Getting to your training area on time also contributes to better results in your driving lessons.

6. Lack of Enough Hours to Learn How to Drive

It would help if you had enough time for your driving classes for better performance in driving lessons. Schedule classes when you are available to avoid inconveniences. 

If you feel you need more than the driving class hours to give you the skill, consider more practice with a licensed driver after classes, and you will come out victorious.

What to Do When You Can’t Learn to Drive

1. Get an Instructor

If you struggle with anxiety when driving, and it’s giving you sleepless nights, you should get an instructor that will take you through additional driving lessons. The best part is that our driving instructors are patient and have dealt with different people. They have different approaches to help you learn to drive effortlessly.

2. Avoid Distractions


Distractions will divide your attention, leading to an accident that may make you avoid classes; phones are a significant distraction among teens, and you should put your phone on flight mode or leave it at home.

However, you can switch to safe distractions like listening to audio, books, podcasts, or music on your radio to keep off stressful thoughts that interfere with your driving concentration. Carry your favorite relaxing songs for a smooth experience.

Get aware of what’s around you, and this will help increase the ability to react whenever a problem approaches, and this reduces distraction-related crashes.

3. Keep Practicing

Everyone has their learning pace. Some can capture everything within twenty hours, while others must practice regularly. Having an experienced driver next to you when you are driving builds your courage on the road.

A friendly instructor will introduce fun learning techniques that will make you love every day of your training, and you will learn to get behind the wheel. as you practice, ensure you understand different car components and ask questions whenever you feel stuck.

Get something that motivates you to hit the road, and you can drive with friends who will motivate you to keep going.

4. Avoid Rush Hour


If you are a first-time driver struggling to drive, you should avoid practicing during rush hour as this may build up your frustration and make it worse for you. In addition, you should avoid practicing between 9 and 11 am when people are rushing to work or school and late in the evening when people are rushing to get home on time.

You can hire a driving instructor for anxiety to take you on the highway, and with time you will do it yourself effortlessly.

5. Take Breaks

In your baby steps to get behind the wheel, frequent breaks are significant in maintaining your mental alertness, especially if you are taking long trips. In addition, during the breaks, you can use positive affirmation to convince yourself that you can make it.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t get to drive, don’t let it overwhelm you. You can improve your confidence; before you know it, you will drive to all places yourself. But first, ensure you enroll in a good driving school to build courage.

The best part is our driving instructors are patient and will help you handle your fear plus, they are friendly so that you can share your worries with them. Enroll with us today to become a fearless and skilled driver.