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In these Do-It-Yourself times, it is not surprising that some people ask if they could learn to drive without outside help. Can you teach yourself to drive a car without any help from a DMV-approved instructor or an experienced driver? Has anyone ever learned to drive by himself from A to Z? Remember that defensive driving is part of driving.

The internet probably has stories by drivers claiming to have learned to drive independently.

Why Would Anyone Want To Learn To Drive By Himself?

Several people would want to learn to drive by themselves to prove to the world (or to themselves) that it’s indeed possible to learn driving independently.

There are many seemingly complex tasks that people nowadays undertake to perform without engaging the relevant professionals or experts just for the love of DIY. It saves money when you do it yourself, they correctly say.

On the other hand, some people eager to be drivers have neither the driving school fees nor any relative/friend with the time and driving experience to teach them. Their only recourse is to learn it by themselves. It is out of necessity, they say.

So, Can You Learn To Drive By Yourself?

The simple, straightforward answer is that it is impossible to learn to drive from scratch. That is, fumbling along with no driving education.

In fact, it’s illegal in the United States of America for a novice to get on the wheel without a Learner’s Permit. Therefore, if you have no idea what driving a car entails, do not attempt to drive. Stay away from the driver’s seat, to keep yourself safe and from serving time. It doesn’t matter if you are on private land, in your own compound, etc.

In theory, you can learn to drive by always keenly watching what other drivers are doing and then applying the same after you have mastered the tricks.

Some children find themselves good drivers after years of watching their parents drive. When these kids finally get on the wheel, they already know the basics of driving.

One can also watch tens of DIY YouTube videos to get ideas on how to drive, after which one applies the lessons.

Of course, this doesn’t accurately qualify as learning to drive by yourself because you are essentially learning from others.

Why Is It Pointless To Learn To Drive By Yourself?

The truth is that the actual driving of a car (get it moving/ operating it) is a mere 10% of what driving as a concept entails. Driving involves other critical factors such as focusing, observation, awareness, and road signs. You should be able to predict what to expect next by correctly interpreting the road signs, some of which are in the form of symbols.

There are laws that govern driving. You need to study and understand these laws. Where would you learn these rules? Where do you start?

At some point, you have to ask around. You may search the internet for answers, but then you are no longer learning to drive by yourself when you keep seeking answers from the internet.

Again, to get a driving license, you have to demonstrate that you can drive and understand the traffic rules. Someone has to coach you on how to pass the DMV road test. You have to prepare for the test in some way. Whatever you learned by yourself may not be of much help.

What’s The Best Way To Learn To Drive?

The best way to learn to drive is to be taught by an experienced driver who dedicates his time to teach you. This can be an instructor at a driving school or a friend/relative who is an experienced driver.

Do not waste your time learning to drive a car without outside help. It is illegal and dangerous. There are things you can quickly learn by Do-It-Yourself to save money. All you have to do is watch the YouTube videos.

However, driving a car should not be one of the things you strive to learn from scratch without outside help. You need proper training. If you do not have the fee for the driving school or anyone to train you at home, wait until either is available. There is no shortcut.

You can find accredited driving schools online if you search for licensed driving schools near me. You can then read the customer feedback to decide which one suits you. Of course, you have to be objective; expect some misleading negative feedback from the review pages.

 Once you get the right driving school, learn defensive driving under a qualified instructor. The bottom line here is that driving costs money or someone’s time if you do it properly.

Should You Rely On Other People’s Experiences When It Comes To Driving?

When you surf the internet, you come across all sorts of people claiming that they never attended driving schools but still became good drivers within days by observations. Well, some people will say anything to get more likes and comments on their social media sites, so you better be careful.

Our take is that you should not bank on some of the claims you read on the internet. Why eagerly follow the outrageous claims of someone you have probably never met and whose claims you have no way to authentic?

Again, do not go with the advice that requires the least effort to actualize.

Wrapping It Up

Once you have learned to drive, you can then practice at different places until you are perfect. You can do this on your own or with little supervision.

What we discourage you from is taking matters into your own hands when learning to drive.

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