The Best Road Test Locations in Brooklyn You Need to Know!

December 8, 2019

I think you’ll agree with me when I say, a driver’s license is the most important thing in your wallet.

But, that’s not all.

You’ll have to pass a road test to get the driver’s license. This is whether you are a seasoned middle-aged driver looking to renew your driver’s license or a teenager interested in getting that first driver’s license.

Speaking of a road test, most people prefer road test locations in Brooklyn possibly because it comes with lots of benefits.

Finding the best road test locations in Brooklyn can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. In this guide, you’ll learn about the four most popular driving test locations in Brooklyn along with handy tips to help you pass the test.

But before we look at that, it’s important we cover the preliminaries that most people often get wrong.

Preparing to Visit Road Test Locations in Brooklyn

Get Adequate Practice

According to DMV, every learner needs at least 50 hours of supervised learning prior to taking a road test.

The practice learning should entail at least 15 hours of driving after sunset and a minimum of 10 hours driving in moderate to heavy traffic.

Pierre Paul Driving School has seasoned instructors to prepare you thoroughly so you ace all your road tests.

Other aspects to look into include:

Scheduling for a Road Test in Brooklyn

To schedule, reschedule, confirm, or cancel your road test, you can use the road test scheduling system by DMV. That means you can do it online, from the comfort of your couch.

If You Are Below 18 Years

If you’re below 18 years and want to schedule a test, you should wait for six months or more from the date that you got the learner permit.

Road Test Fee

If you’d like to go for a road test for a non-commercial license, then its fee is included in the $10 application fee for the driver license. Sure, that’s why don’t have to delaying scheduling the driving test anymore.

Should you fail the first two tests, you’ll need to pay $10 more to cover up to two more tests. You won’t be refunded if you don’t take the two tests.

But the fee is 30 bucks more if you’d like to get a commercial driver license (CDL). In other words, you’ll need to shell out $40 for that.

But like you’ll soon realize, it’s very easy to pass the road test, and if you fail the first one, you just have to ace the second one, like many of your peers have already done. After all, most instructors will tell you your mistakes so you correct them on your next test.

What to Bring to Road Test Locations in Brooklyn

  • A valid NY learner permit
  • An original, valid, Pre-Licensing Certificate (MV-278). Alternatively, you’ll need a Student Certificate (MV-285).
  • The test site’s zip code
  • At least one unused test
  • A vehicle to be used for your test. That vehicle should be registered, equipped, insured, and inspected.
  • The front seat belts and doors of the vehicle must be functional

Finding the Road Test Locations in Brooklyn (and the Ideal Date)

As earlier mentioned, you can take the road test in Brooklyn even if you are from other areas in New York. When scheduling a test, the DMV system provides the earliest possible dates and times at places close to the ZIP code that you provide.

The earliest date is usually anywhere between three to five weeks. However, during peak periods, such as school breaks and summer, you can schedule up to 10 weeks in advance.

Tests are typically available on weekdays and rarely on Saturdays.

Brooklyn has four major road test locations, which include:

1. Red Hook

2. Seaview

3. Coney Island

4. Starrett City

Let’s look at what to do or not do at each of these sites so you can pass your road test.

1. Red Hook

 Red Hook is on Bay Street, which is between Henry Street and Hicks Street. It’s one of the busiest towns in New York, especially during weekdays.

That means, you can make many mistakes if you aren’t careful because there are many motorists on the road. You’re likely to encounter both trucks and cars.

Red Hook Road Test Site

Such traffic can make you nervous if you didn’t prepare adequately. Even those who’ve spent 50 hours behind the wheel before the road test can experience nervousness when driving through traffic for the first few minutes with an instructor seated close to them.

Remember, the DMV recommends that you spend at least 10 hours of your supervised practice driving through moderate to heavy traffic. So, if you spend the entire 50 hours outside traffic, you’ll find it hard to pass the road test in Red Hook.

Common mistakes that can happen in traffic are moving forward when another vehicle is approaching, not looking at the left mirror, being on the wrong side (for a two-way road), and being pulled over by an officer for making any of these mistakes. Many people make these mistakes in Red Hook, so you should beware of it.

The other issue to keep in mind, while preparing to do a road test at Red Hook, is the pedestrians who may cross the road while you are driving. You’ll need to be careful not to move when someone is crossing or when a car is approaching as you plan to move to another lane, for example.

Most of the two-way roads in Red Hook are very narrow, and if you make a wrong move, you can fail the test. On this narrow road, you’ll come across several parked vehicles occupying a greater part of the road.

While driving near these vehicles, you should drive along the yellow line rather than outside the yellow line. If you drive outside the yellow line, the examiner might think you are too close to the parked vehicles (which you might hit) and fail you. If the road is wider, you can obviously drive off the yellow line.

To avoid failing your road test at Red Hook, invest in a quality driving school first and learn from the best instructors. That way, you’ll learn how to drive in heavy traffic, along narrow streets, and even how to go about parallel parking.

2. Seaview

Seaview is situated between Seaview Avenue and East 104th Street. If you want to stay in Brooklyn, Seaview is one of the easiest road test sites to take.

Well, the reason is most roads on this site are wider with at least two lanes. And the roads don’t have a lot of heavy traffic to worry about.

You’ll, however, notice that most roads have a bike path to the right of the parking area. To the left of the parking area, there are two lanes. As you move to one of the lanes, you may be required to make a turn.

If it’s a left turn, for example, don’t make a U-turn as that’ll be a fail. When making a left-turn on this road test site, you should be careful of the parked and approaching cars ahead of you. If you notice a fast-approaching vehicle, you should stop until it moves.

Once you finally make a turn, keep on the right side of the wide road, close to the yellow line, but don’t drive in the middle of the yellow line as that would be an automatic fail.

While driving around Seaview, you’ll realize most of the areas where roads intersect have a stop sign. So, it’s important to observe these signs and do what they say – stop!

As you drive along the road, you might notice a dead end in front of you. Most examiners wouldn’t want you to go toward the dead end. So, look for an opening on the left hand side of the road and make a left turn after ensuring that no traffic is coming your way. Continue driving down the street.

The other important point to keep in mind while driving along the Seaview road test site is to know the difference between a three-point turn and a U-turn. For example, when asked to do the three-point turn, don’t do a U-turn, as you might fail unless you are lucky to have an instructor that gives you a chance to redo that.

Our instructors at Pierre Driving School take their time to teach you how to make a three-point turn, and you’ll hardly fail your road test once you go through our practical lessons.

What’s more, when making a right turn on this test site, be sure to get into the correct lane. Don’t get into the bike lane; it’s not only illegal, but it’s also dangerous.

3. Coney Island

Coney Island is situated between Neptune Avenue and West thirty-third Street. To access Coney Island, drive along Belt Parkway and exit at Cropsey Avenue. You should then go south along the Cropsey Avenue and make the right turn toward Neptune Avenue, then another right turn on Bayview Avenue.

While on Bayview, on your way to the Coney Island test site, you’ll notice lots of yellow lines on the left and a white line to the right. Don’t drive on top of these lines. And to the right of the white line, there’s a parking lane; don’t drive into that.

While driving along Coney Island, you are likely to come across some narrow roads with parked cars on one lane. In that case, drive carefully and strike a balance between staying in the middle of the road and keeping right.

You won’t have problems navigating these narrow streets if you undergo training at Pierre Driving School because that’s what our instructors emphasize on.

If you reach a dead end-like area without an option to turn right or left, and without a stop sign, just stop, observe the traffic, and make the right move.

If, while driving along this narrow road, you realize other vehicles are parked on the right and there’s a car coming, you may need to stop and allow the car to pass before you proceed.

Thanks to the narrow roads here, you may find yourself at some tricky intersections with a stop sign in the middle of the road, a private community to the right and a ‘do not enter’ sign ahead. While that may be a two-way road, it immediately becomes a one-way road and you’ve to find a way to stop, observe the coming traffic and turn left.

Most examiners can tell you what to do when you get into such an intersection. But, others won’t say anything; they’ll leave it to you to make the right decision. When faced with such a scenario, there’s usually only one way to turn.

4. Starrett City

Starrett City can be found on Flatlands Avenue, which is between Van Siclen Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue. Starrett City is among the most challenging road test sites in Brooklyn. It has busy traffic, multiple lane roads, narrow streets, traffic lights, stop signs, unusual intersections.

Many people fail their road test at Starrett City while pulling out to the lane because there’s a lot of traffic on this road. It’s important to wait and ensure there’s not traffic before you pull out.

While seated inside the car, it can be difficult to see the approaching traffic, especially if some cars are parked on your left and you can’t clearly see the vehicles approaching from the right. Thus, to be on the safe side, only pull out when all lanes are clear.

After pulling out, stay on the first lane until you’re told to make a turn or switch lanes. And when making turns, be sure to spot the stop sign early enough and don’t move past it.

Some people don’t usually see the stop sign. Others see it too late and drive past it. If you don’t stop at this sign at the correct place and time (about three seconds), you are likely to fail.

Starrett City is one of the road test locations in Brooklyn with loops (a one-way road that loops back to the street you entered from). When driving along loops, don’t move too far to the right or left. Stay in the middle.

The other important aspect is when making turns, especially to the left. Be careful of approaching vehicles as well as the blind spots that parked vehicles create. And once you turn, try not to drive on top of the yellow line, but rather around it.

Tips to Help You Pass a Road Test in Brooklyn

Be on time

Try to be at the Brooklyn road test site 30 minutes before the scheduled test time. If you arrive late, the examiner may reschedule.

If you’d like to be tested for a non-commercial license, and figure out that you can’t be at the site at the required time, you can request for a cancellation of the road test. Place the request no later than 24 hours prior before the test

For a CDL road test, you should make a cancellation request at a minimum of three business days to the test date.

The DMV can also cancel a road test because of poor weather. To cancel or reschedule, call 1-518-402-2100 or use their online tool for the same.

At the Brooklyn Road Test Site

After arriving at the road test site, you should look for the queue and park at the back of the last vehicle in that queue. Be sure to leave sufficient space to pull out in case the examiner decides to test you before the person ahead of you.

Get into the driver’s seat at the direction of your examiner. Buckle up your belt and adjust the mirrors properly. Before the test starts, the examiner will let you know how the test is carried out and allow you to ask any questions.

What to Expect during Your Road Test in Brooklyn Locations

A passenger car test typically takes approximately 15 minutes. It tests your ability to make driving maneuvers such as:

  • Making right and left turns
  • Stopping at intersections as directed by traffic lights or stop signs
  • Parallel parking
  • Making a three-point turn
  • Driving in fairly heavy traffic

After Passing the Test

The DMV license examiner will provide you with the interim license, which permits you to drive. Keep this license with the photo learner permit

Expect a photo driver license via the mall in approximately two weeks

Under 18 drivers who have a Class MJ, DJ, or DJMJ driver license, should adhere to the junior drivers’ restrictions.

 If You Fail the Road Test

If you fail your road test for a non-commercial license, the learner permit will be valid until its date of expiry. If this permit expires before you take the next test, you should consider getting another learner permit.

If you failed the first two road tests in Brooklyn, you should pay extra fees. You should wait at least a day before taking the test again.

Before visiting road test locations in Brooklyn, you should prepare well and don’t be nervous of the examiner or traffic. With a bit of confidence and practice, you’ll pass the test. If you fail the first test, be determined to score the second one.

Pierre Paul Driving School provides both classroom and behind the wheel lessons to both teens and adults. Call us today at 718-576-6277 so we can prepare you to pass your road test at any Brooklyn locations and get a driver’s license.