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Brighton Heights Driving School Recommended Services

5 Hour Driving Course

Our pre-licensing online course teaches you how to drive responsibly and safely.

Road Test Appointment

Book a road test with our assistance and be among those who take and pass their road test wit flying colors

Personalized Driving Instruction

Get customized driving instruction and be trained by our helpful and understanding instructors.

Road Test Sites Near Brighton Heights

1. Snug Harbor auto DMV road test site 

Location: 1045 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY 10310, United States

Directions: Head west on Benziger Ave. toward Daniel Low Terrace. Turn right at the first cross street onto Daniel Low Terrace. Turn left onto Crescent Avenue. Turn right onto Jersey St Turn left onto Richmond Terrace The destination will be on the right

2. Father Capodanno Blvd. DMV Road Test Site

Location: Staten Island, NY, USA

Destination: Head east on Benziger Ave. toward Monroe Ave Turn right onto Monroe Avenue. Turn left onto Victory Blvd Turn right onto Bay St Turn right onto School Rd Slightly left onto Lily Pond Ave Lily Pond Ave Turn slightly right and become Father Capodanno Blvd

Reasons to Enroll with Brighton Heights Driving School

1. Friendly Instructors Who Are Patient

Our teachers are DMV-certified and extremely knowledgeable, and they transform nervous pupils into secure drivers.

2. Cars for Road Test

To ensure that our learners are comfortable while taking their road tests, we provide modern, well-maintained automobiles. 

3. Cost-effective Packages

Students can choose from affordable driving packages at the Brighton Heights Driving School.


7 Places In Brighton Heights to Improve Your Behind-the-Wheel Skills

Discover the fun locations in Brighton Heights ideal for improving your driving abilities. Let’s examine them collectively:

driving lessons Brighton Park


Staten Island Mall Parking Lot

Head to the Staten Island Mall parking lot during off-peak hours. It’s spacious, well-maintained, and free from heavy traffic, making it an ideal spot to practice parking, three-point turns, and basic maneuvers.

Silver Lake Park

Explore the serene roads of Silver Lake Park. Its winding paths and light traffic are perfect for honing your steering control and getting comfortable with different road conditions.

Westerleigh Park

Westerleigh Park’s calm residential streets provide a safe environment to work on your lane discipline, turn signals, and overall road awareness.

Local School Parking Lots

Many local schools in Brighton Heights offer large, empty parking lots on weekends and during holidays. These are excellent for practicing parking and slow-speed maneuvers.

Clove Lakes Park

Clove Lakes Park features a one-way loop with minimal traffic. Use this location to practice merging onto one-way roads, observing stop signs, and maintaining a consistent speed.

Forest Avenue

Once you’ve gained some confidence, drive along Forest Avenue during non-peak hours. It offers a mix of traffic conditions, traffic lights, and various intersections to refine your skills.

Local Residential Streets

Explore the quiet, tree-lined residential streets of Brighton Heights. They offer a chance to practice navigating through neighborhood roads, dealing with stop signs, and parallel parking.

Buckle up for  Driving Lessons in Brighton Heights

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